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WARNING: The future is here, and it's merciless! Countless businesses are struggling to stay afloat as AI tools take the world by storm. Don't let your enterprise become another casualty. Embrace the AI revolution or risk being left in the dust, as competitors race ahead, armed with the power of cutting-edge technology. The time to act is now – your survival depends on it! Join us and transform your business with AI, before it's too late.

Discover:  Rapid Mastery - The Brainstormer - The Empire Builder - AI Powered Affiliate And More

3 Prompts To Change Your Life!


Unlock the Ultimate Superpower to Instantly Absorb Knowledge and Skyrocket Your Success!

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you learn and achieve unparalleled personal growth? Discover the ground-breaking "RAPID MASTERY" prompt, a powerful, cutting-edge strategy that allows you to absorb vast amounts of knowledge in just seconds, all with a few clicks of your mouse!

🔥 Ignite your brain's potential, fuelling your mind with an exponential increase in input, and driving your personal and professional growth.

💡 Transform your life, effortlessly adopting new skills, strategies, and mindsets to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

🌟 Stand out in your field, leveraging your newfound expertise to reach new heights in your career and personal life.


Unleash Your Creative Genius with Effortless Ease - Never be stuck for ideas ever again

Unlock the maximum potential of your creative mind as  a writer, educator, copywriter, and content creator with the revolutionary "BRAINSTORMER" prompt. Discover the ultimate solution to overcoming the hurdles of generating initial ideas for content, lead magnets, courses, books, and videos.

🧠 With just three words, this ultra powerful prompt transforms your creative process, sparking an avalanche of ground-breaking ideas.

🎱 It feels like you've found a magic 8-ball that, with every shake, you get astonishing ideas and suggestions to fuel your projects.

🚀 Save time and eliminate frustration by bypassing common creative blocks that are slowing you down.


Imagine making a fortune by simply copying and pasting your way to a best-selling books EVERY DAY!

If your tired of struggling to turn your brilliant ideas into cash, then it's time to unleash the true potential of your creativity with the "Empire Builder!" This set of prompts combined the power of Brainstormer creates an unstoppable profit-generating system you can switch on every time you login to ChatGPT.

💰 Transform any idea into a book, script, lead magnet or even flagship-level courses, with promotional content and killer sales copy all using A.I.

🧲 The Empire Builder prompt set (3x prompts and 2 videos)  also generates attention grabbing social media content, Informative blog posts.

⏱️ Unlock the potential of your ideas and skyrocket your income with this  one-stop solution for limitless growth!

Do you want to learn anything at the speed of light, do you want to own a 24/7 and on-demand ideas genie you can carry in your pocket... And then know how to turn those ideas into an unstoppable stream of profitable books, courses and more, upping your productivity a thousandfold?

Lifetime Access

This ticket to the future of online business is yours for $299 [Just $199 until Thursday, 27th June]  with zero subscription fees or extras to pay.

New Prompts Included

Simon will be adding more prompts and more training videos with new strategies, cutting edge marketing tactics - At ZERO extra cost (ongoing)

Exclusive Member Extras

All things ChatGPT and AI related including, Simon's recommended tools, resources and bonus downloads, exclusive discounts/deals and more.

Latest Class Updates:

Recently Added:

  • Assume The Position - A unique and effective method to enhance your ChatGPT interactions. By providing tailored role directions, this technique allows you to draw on the expertise of various professionals to obtain accurate, relevant, and high-quality outputs every time you run a prompt.
  • A.I. Powered Affiliate Marketing - Watch over Simon's shoulder and see him create an accurate and comprehensive summary of any software/course/offer in just seconds and find out how to use AI to your advantage when it comes to ramping up your affiliate commissions.
  • Headline Optimizer 3000 - Unleash Your Content's True Potential  - Discover the ultimate ChatGPT prompt for crafting click-worthy headlines that captivate your audience's attention across social media, blogs, articles, email subject lines, and even sales pages.  This new video includes the "Instant Article Bot" to transform your new captivating headlines into fully-optimized, high-quality articles, posts, and essays in no time.
  • The Book Stormer - An advanced 'guided' ChatGPT4 prompt.  Perfect if you are struggling to come up with a captivating book or course idea - Maybe you have a great topic in mind, but need help creating a detailed outline? Look no further! The Bookstormer is here to save the day.

Here Is The Probably Hard To Swallow (But Very Real) Bottom Line...

AI technology is conquering the business landscape NOW, and those who hesitate today will be lost in obscurity. Don't become another tragic tale of obsolescence – your competitors are already harnessing the unstoppable power of AI to leave you in their wake. Act NOW or risk losing everything.

You have ONE CHANCE to stay ahead of the curve and avoid the perils of stagnation. Seize this fleeting opportunity to revolutionize your business with AI before the doors slam shut.

This is the moment you've been waiting for – a rare chance to turn the tide in your favor.

Important:  Current low roll out price for lifetime membership is only guaranteed until Thursday, 27th June after this the enrolment fee will increase to $299 without any further notice - Lock in now to avoid disappointment.


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