Revealed:  How To Create High Quality, In-Demand, BIG Profit, Packages Of Reports, Courses, Tools And More...  In Just 30 Days!

You’re about to go from zero content, zero ideas to having an in-demand profitable package ready to take orders in a month or less! How is that even possible? Read on…

Every week someone asks me:

Is it possible for ME to create a high-ticket product? I don’t have the time to do it all myself. I don’t have the budget to outsource it…

And my answer is YES, you too can create these profitable bundle offers – even if right at this moment you don’t have the budget, you don’t have the time, and you don’t have any ideas. And people will line up around the virtual block to buy what you’re selling!

Cluster Bucks

See, here’s the thing…

A lot of infoproduct marketers get stuck creating and selling reports and other low-ticket offers for $10, $20, maybe $50.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s awesome if you’re already creating and selling these sorts of offers.
But you’re not going to get rich doing it.

The key to a profitable business is two-fold:

1.  You need to create a sales funnel with a variety of products.

2.  Some of these products need to be high-ticket offers ($97 and up). We’re talking a package of reports, courses, tools and other valuable resources.

Only then will you be able to create the sort of thriving, profitable business you’ve been dreaming about.

Except there’s just one problem…

Creating a high-ticket package is a HUGE task. And creating a sales funnel full of products is also a pretty big mountain to climb. That’s why a lot of marketers get stuck in a rut selling cheap products that don’t grow their business.

Until now…

Just Imagine How Much Money You’d Make if You Knew a Quick and Easy Shortcut for Creating Profitable Packages of Products That Sell Like Crazy!

You don’t have to imagine it, because you’re about to find out exactly how I do it – and how you can too! All you have to do is find high-quality PLR content and use it to create your unique package of reports, courses, worksheets, checklists, templates and other resources.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and absolutely anyone can do it!

Now, let me back up for a second in case you’re not familiar with this concept. PLR stands for “
private label rights,” and this sort of content licensing gives you nearly free reign with how to use the content. You can modify it any way they please, put your name as the author, sell it, or even give it away.

Why use PLR content? And why create a package of resources?

Cluster Bucks

Here are Three Great Reasons to Create Your Own Valuable Resource Package Using PLR Content

1. Someone Else Does the Work and You Pocket the Profits
You won’t find a quicker, easier way to create products. When you use PLR content, someone else does about 90% of the work – and yet YOU get 100% of the profits.
 This shortcut almost feels like you’re cheating!

2. This is an Extremely Profitable Product
You can use this bundle of products as a low-priced, high-value offer to convert prospects to customers FAST. Or you can tack a big price tag on it and make a lot of money with every. The choice is yours!

3. Anyone Can Do This
This is the fastest, easiest way I know to create an extremely valuable product fast. You’ll love how easy it is to create, and your customers will love the valuable resources you include in your package!

It’s pretty easy to see why it’s such a good idea to create a valuable package of products out of PLR content, right? Maybe dollar signs are lighting up in your eyes?

Good. Because you’re reading the right page, since I’m about to show you how to go from zero (no content, no ideas) to a profitable bundle of products in just 30 days from now!

Now before I show you exactly what you get when you order this course, let me make an important note…

This training is for people who know a little something about online business. You need to come to the table with knowledge of how to set up a website. Alternatively, you need to be willing to learn about it someplace else. Or even better, you can outsource this task to take it completely off your hands.

That’s because this guide focuses on how to create a bundle of products out of PLR content that your buyers and end users are going to love. But we don’t get technical in this guide, and we don’t go over things like how to get traffic. Those things you can learn elsewhere.

For the core of this guide, you’re getting a nice condensed version of…

How to create packages of in-demand products that sell like CRAZY!

Sound good?

Then let me walk you through what all is included in this guidebook and bonus package…

Cluster Bucks: The 30 Day Startup Guide For Creating a Profitable Package

Cluster Bucks

You'll receive all 30 days tutorials in one complete guide book!

This takes you from where you are today (no site, no content, maybe not even an idea) to getting your first package up and ready to take orders in about a month. Each day you’ll get a lesson on how to complete some part of the task, plus you’ll get an action step.

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover and what you’ll be doing each day to go from scratch to creating a profitable package using PLR:

Day 1: Pick a Niche
Day 2: Select a Topic
Day 3: Decide Exactly What to Create
Day 4: Plan a Sales Funnel
Day 5: Determine Your Backend Offers
Day 6: Find Suitable PLR Content
Day 7: Selecting the Best PLR
Day 8: Create a Branded Theme
Day 9: Naming Your Package and Its Pieces
Day 10: Setting Up Your Site
Day 11: 6 Ways to Make PLR Content Unique
Day 12: Creating Fresh Introductions and Conclusions
Day 13: Personalizing Your PLR Content
Day 14: Compiling Content to Create Something Unique
Day 15: Using PLR Content to Create Useful Tools
Day 16: Questions to Ask Yourself When Using PLR Excerpts
Day 17: 5 Ideas for Creating Multimedia Content From PLR
Day 18: A Simple Way to Add Value to Your PLR
Day 19: How to Create an Effective Call to Action
Day 20: How to Proof and Polish Your Package
Day 21: Creating a Useful Quick-Start Guide for the Package
Day 22: Putting the Finishing Touches on the Package
Day 23: Decide What Sort of Bonuses to Include
Day 24: Create the Bonus(es)
Day 25: Finish and Proof the Bonuses
Day 26: Preparing Your Package
Day 27: Choosing a Profitable Price
Day 28: Create a Sales Letter
Day 29: Complete the Site Set Up
Day 30: Planning Your Marketing Strategy

When you follow the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be ready to start taking orders in 30 days!

That’s not all – act now and you also get this valuable bonus pack…

Your Profit Boosting Bonus Kit!

BONUS #1:  Sales Letter Template

Here’s a template that you can use to quickly and easily create a sales page for your profitable package. You can be up and running in minutes rather than days, because all you have to do is fill in the blanks!

BONUS #2:  The Cluster Bucks Checklist

Your 30-day guide gives you a complete step-by-step process for going from zero to a profitable package using PLR content. When you’re ready to take action, just print off this handy checklist so you don’t miss a single step – it’s easy!

BONUS #3:  How to Create an Effective Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet is one of the most important pieces of your sales funnel. After all, if your lead magnet doesn’t effectively attract and convert prospects, then the rest of your sales funnel doesn’t even really need to exist. And that’s why this mini-guide gives you a four-step process for creating profitable lead magnets using PLR content!

BONUS #4:  50 Templates to Create High-Converting Product Titles

One of the keys to creating a profitable package is to be sure you have compelling titles for each individual piece as well as the package as a whole. That’s why you’re going to love these 50 titling templates, which makes it quick and easy for you to come up with all the compelling names you need!

BONUS #5:  40 Really Clever Ways to Use PLR Content

Throughout the main guide, you’ll discover how to turn PLR content into a profitable package of products. However, that’s not the only way to use PLR content. Truth is, you can use it to create other types of products, build relationships with your audience, and even generate traffic with it. This list gives you 40 ideas that you put to work in your business ASAP!

Cluster Bucks

These Valuable Bonuses Are FREE Right Now (but...)  While this offer currently includes all five profit boosting bonuses worth over $200, several of the above will soon be removed, and only offered at an additional cost to future Cluster Bucks course buyers.

This is your last chance to lock in early bird pricing and get ALL of the bonuses FREE!

Okay... here’s the deal:

Forget about trying to learn how to create a valuable package from someone who just started their own infoproduct business a few months ago. They’re going to give you rehashed, outdated information that’s going to lead you down the wrong path.

And forget about trying to figure this all out on your own. I’ve already pioneered and/or tested all these strategies, so you know they work. Why spend six months, a year or more struggling to figure it all out on your own when you can just grab this package right now and get started? It’s a no brainer!

Sell This Course As Your Own - Private Label Rights and Sales Kit Included...

If you'd like to sell this must have marketing course as your own under your brand and your name and keep 100% of every order.  This is the option for you! When you order the PLR license below you'll get the course in editable .docx format for you to rebrand and sell as your own. You also get a professionally crafted sales letter in .docx format along with an editable cover graphic in .psd/.png formats.

Simply format to match your brand, add your order button and you‘re ready to take orders! For a complete list of ideas on how to profit from this PLR, see below.  PLR to my courses is typically $197>$497 … Your 'Fast Action' deal on the PLR license right now is just $97

Cluster Bucks Private Label License:

Instant Download In Editable .Docx & PDF Formats,
Editable Cover Graphic/s and Sales letter in .Docx Format
You MAY sell / rebrand this as your own


First-Rate, Superior-Quality Content That’s Ready-To-Sell As Your Own!

DigitalWebRocket Premium Quality PLR Licenses

Our licensed products are positioned around evergreen, in-demand topics and then professionally researched to deliver goal-focused learning based on proven business strategies. We ensure everything is presented and structured to aid the progress of the student and always loaded with actionable ideas backed by easy to follow examples. All titles are edited, proofed and meticulously formatted so what you get is "ready-for-sale” from the second you download it and add your branding. 

Of course you can further change things up or modify as you choose, but if you seek simplicity then you won't need to make any edits. It’s 'good to go' and typically you can go from download to making sales in less than a day.

Your one-time investment in this license authorizes you to keep everything you earn using this content for life. There are no further fees or royalties due. You are also entitled to reposition, multi-format and translate the content as you wish, meaning your ROI on this license can be considerable over the lifetime of it's use. And while we cannot guarantee that you'll make anything from purchasing this license (we don’t know you personally or know how you manage your business) what we do guarantee is that some license owners will benefit considerably and make money with it, being amongst that group of license owners is down to you.

Your Private Label License Explained:

What exactly can you do with the main course content included with this PLR license?  

Everything from selling it 'as is', rebranding it as your own unique product, editing and repositioning as you need all the way through to creating pre-selling lead magnets or a combination of both (best option - build your list and your income!)  

Here are just a few ideas to get you started and thinking about how to use this license to get more traffic, more subscribers and more sales:

1. Build your list by converting some of the content into a high-quality lead magnet.

2. Use individual modules and sections as ready-made blog posts. (Share 1-2 as blog posts and promote/upsell the course)

3. Prep for a webinar by using the content as the basis of your training. (Free webinar or paid webinar...  and you could easily sell the full course at the end of the webinar too!)

4. Give paid clients/students access to the content as part of their coaching with you (or use the content as a foundation for your own high ticket coaching program).

5. Add part or all of the content into your membership site/s for members to access.

6. Offer the course or part of it as a bonus to anyone who purchases another offer from you. (Or use as an upsell or funnel offer)

7. Convert individual chapters or modules into an autoresponder sequence. (Give the first 3 for free and upsell the rest!)

8. Nichefy the content and present it as your own High Ticket Private Mastermind.

9. Reposition/rework the content into any other kind of “offer” such as an audio book/series or video coaching program.

10. Develop any other kind of “paid offer” such as X Day Challenges and/or Physically shipped books/manuals.

It's SUPER FLEXIBLE!  The only thing you can’t do is pass on any kind of rights to other people. This means that your subscribers, customers and affiliates/partners may not have PLR rights, reprint / resell rights, or giveaway rights passed on to them.  Nor can you pass on any kind of licensing to any offer created from any portion of this content that would allow others to sell or give away the content contained in this license.  Only YOU can sell or give away the content when you purchase a this private label license.

If you use this license to create your own unique product (or just resell 'as-is') and you make just a handful of sales, you’ll recoup your entire investment fast… and everything after that is profit in your pocket.

Cluster Bucks Private Label License:

Instant Download In Editable .Docx & PDF Formats,
Editable Cover Graphic/s and Sales letter in .Docx Format
You MAY sell / rebrand this as your own

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