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  • They think it’s hard. (It’s not.)
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Some implement a handful of the strategies I'm going to show you… but then they only get a handful of extra money.

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Digital Riches

The Art Of Profit Multiplication For Digital Product Sellers

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Some of these streams work so fast that you can literally put them into place minutes from now and start profiting before your head hits the pillow tonight.

Reason 2: Many of these strategies are incredibly EASY to implement.

A lot of these streams require no special skills, background or tech knowledge. If you can type a few words into an autoresponder or a blog post, you can profit with these strategies!

Reason 3: The most successful vendors in the world use these same strategies – and if you want to be successful, you should too!

Simply put, what separates struggling businesses from those that are making six or even seven figures is a smart revenue strategy. And this concise guide will show you what these top business owners really know about creating big profits!

Digital Riches Book

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Digital Riches Manual
You’ll get more than two dozen rock-solid ways to start bringing more money into your business. 

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  • You’ll discover two fiendishly simple tricks you can implement now to make more money with every order!
  • You’ll find the very best ways to turn your customer mailing list into a instant goldmine of backend profits!
  • You’ll discover multiple ways to quickly and easily turn existing products into an entirely new revenue streams!
  • You’ll learn some easy ways to get other people to help you create and implement extra streams of revenue!
  • You’ll discover the services that sell like crazy on the backend—and how to promote them for maximum effect!
  • You'll get the strategy that can put more money in your pocket now and boost longer term customer retention rates.
  • You’ll find out how to turn a simple freebie into a massive money-maker for your business!

And much, much more...   

In total there are 24 revenue-boosting methods in all – There’s something for every business model, every digital product seller and information product business owner!

And that’s not all.

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Companion Kit Extras

Inside this toolkit, conveniently incorporated into to the main PDF manual, you’ll get five tools to maximize your profits, including:

  • A Checklist Guide For Implementing the 24 Strategies: This makes creating and implementing your new revenue generators easier than ever!
  • A Complete Strategy FAQ: You’ve got questions about how to use these plans? Find the answers here!
  • Five Tips and Tricks For Boosting Email Responses: Some of your biggest profits will come from emailing your customer list. You can really max out the strategies by using these tips and tricks!
  • The Digital Riches Income Swipe File: Here you’ll get five examples of how to implement your new revenue strategies across different niche markets!
  • A Digital Riches Case Study: We’ll take a look at how a savvy marketer like you could promote a product all throughout a sales funnel and turn it into a best seller for your business. This is a really profitable strategy!
Simon Hodgkinson

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