Paid Traffic Manual

Paid Traffic Manual

Get All The Traffic You Need To Any Site You Choose In Less Than 24 Hours…  Even If You’ve Never Had A Single Visitor Before!

If You Have $10 or $10,000 In Your Advertising Budget, You’re About To Learn How To Buy High-Quality Traffic For Your Site!

Get Traffic Coming To Your Site Within Hours, Not Months!

  • No experimental, here one-day-gone-the-next, loop-hole traffic tactics here. Everything is proven and time tested!
  • Multiple traffic methods to rely on, so you never have to worry about putting all your eggs in one basket!
  • Not only will you learn WHAT to do to buy your traffic, you’ll discover exactly WHERE to go to buy it for best results!


WHAT to do to “buy” traffic and exactly WHERE to go to do so for best results…

Let me explain. . .  Most traffic getting courses, ebooks, videos, and traffic generation software teach traffic generation methods that take very long amounts of time to actually start generating traffic. Further, the learning curve to understand some of these traffic methods is quite extensive and adds even more time to getting them to work.

Even those methods that are easy to pull off and explained in great detail still take time and effort to implement. If that’s something you like, then good for you. Enjoy.

But, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have the time to…

  • Add hours of study time to your busy schedule and then,
  • Add more hours to implement that strategy and then,
  • Add even more hours to see results from your actions.
  • You’d rather just buy the traffic!

The wonderful thing about this genuine “push button” traffic is that there are MANY sources of it.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Banner Ads
  • CPA and CPM
  • Paid Press Releases
  • Buying Email Leads
  • Post Card Advertising
  • Co-op and Bulk Mail Ads
  • Tv and Radio Ads
  • Online Classified Ads
  • Print Advertising
  • Blog Network Advertising
  • Product Reviews Ads
  • Ads on You Tube
  • Social Media Ads
  • Popular Blog Ads
  • Joint Venture Networks

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  If you’re looking for ways to drive traffic to your site quickly, then I’ve got an approach to traffic generation (in fact, 27 of them!) that will get results!

Traffic In 24 Hours Or Less Whether You Have A Budget Of $10,000, $1,000 or Just $10

There are many beneficial things about buying your traffic. One of them is this: traffic is delivered very quickly. Often within 24 hours. Sometimes within minutes.

Let me give you a quick example…

EXAMPLE: Let’s suppose you buy a solo mailing to a large newsletter list within your niche. A spot is available on Friday. You buy it. Friday morning the mailing goes out. Within minutes traffic can be headed your way. Within 24 hours the bulk of the traffic has arrived. Within 72 hours you’ve got the full effect of the mailing. If they archive it at a site or blog, you’ll continue to get some trickles for an indefinite period of time.

The point being – the traffic comes in quickly. There’s no waiting around for weeks or months. The mailing that you paid for goes out and on the same day you start seeing results.  Again, that’s just ONE of the benefits of buying your own traffic.

There are others including…

  • IT’S GUARANTEED. You don’t have to try to convince JV partners to work with you or get others to take action. . . you pay for it.
  • IT’S QUICK. Some free methods take time to build up -you can buy traffic and have it start coming as quickly as today.
  • IT’S DUPLICATABLE. Your can repeat it over and over. . . if you spend $10 to make $20, just keep doing it over and over again!
  • IT’S VARIED. There are many, many ways to buy traffic. You don’t have to worry about if one methods dries up, you have a variety of other methods that are generating a traffic stream for you.

If you want to take advantage of guaranteed, quick, duplicatable, and a wide variety of traffic sources then you need to check out this course. . .

Introducing: The ‘Paid Traffic Manual’
How To Buy High Quality Targeted Traffic

Here are just a few things you’ll discover…

  • How to find high quality Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising venues and 10 most popular PPC services including giants like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook.
  • How to find Quality Forums that that accept ads. Niche forums are some of the best places to buy advertising because your not just putting your ad in front of a casual one-time visitors, but highly targeted repeat visitors. Plus get a proven email  template you can use to help land your ad in a forum.
  • Where to find Newsletter Advertising opportunities and how to take advantage of these high converting advertising opportunities.  Plus you will discover the important questions you must ask before you buy this type of advertising.
  • Where to buy Banner Ad spots, the 4 questions you should ask before buying, and 5 places to look for buying banner ads.
  • How to find and buy advertising on Joint Venture and Affiliate Partner Networks and the benefits and services that come with using this method.  Plus, get my vip list of the best networks to use.
  • How to secure and understand CPA and CPM Advertising opportunities and the most popular CPA networks you should consider using.
  • How to find and hire Advertising Managers and PPC Management services that get results. You will learn the two things you should keep in mind in the hiring process and what these hired people and services should be responsible for.
  • Using Press Release Services to drive traffic.  You will find out how and where to find these services, where to find professional press release writers, and how and where to hire publicity experts,
  • How to use Co-Registration Companies to buy Email Ads, and an important reminder that could save you tons of time and money.  Also, you will discover the 4 questions you have to ask before buying your leads from a co-registration company.
  • How to use Post Card advertising and how to find and buy Co-Op Ads and other Bulk Mail Ads.  You also get my rolodex of contacts and services you can use to design your post cards, and great bulk mail advertisers.
  • 2 ways to find Marketplaces to Sell Lead-Generating Products and 5 auction websites you can use t start placing ads immediately.
  • How and where to find effective places to buy Online Classified Ads and the 7 perks of using premium paid listings, plus a listing of the most popular classified sites. Lastly, I will share with you 2 key factors to keep in mind when creating your classified ads.
  • How to find and buy Offline Advertising with TV, Radio, and Print Ads. Get tips on choosing the right market location, how to place ads with related programming, and even outsource your offline advertising.  Plus discover several types of print advertising other than the typical offline print ads.
  • How to find and use Blog Feed Ads and Blog Network Advertising and how to get Product Reviews on Popular Blogs.  Discover several ways you can advertise on blogs, 4 benefits to advertising on a blog, what you need to know before you use paid blog reviews, and the most popular sites where you can buy product reviews and blog entries.
  • How to find Video Production and Distribution Services where can use videos to advertise your business several different ways, including: posting infomercial-type videos, using “how to” videos, and uploading viral videos.
  • How to find and buy Niche Domains with existing type-in traffic and how to find and buy Established, Highly Trafficked Niche Websites.  Get premium domain name buying advice, using reputable website brokers, and 8 key factors to take note of when buying pre-owned domains.
  • How to find and buy Ads on Popular YouTube Videos and on Popular Social Media Sites.  Get step-by-step instructions on buying YouTube ads and Step-by-step instructions on how to place the best and right ads ont he right videos. Also get a list of the more popular general social media sites you will want to consider when placing your ads.
  •  How to find Legitimate “Guaranteed Traffic” sources, finding and Sponsoring Charities and Events, generating Leads at Trade Shows, and how to get Listed in Online Directories. . . all to drive tons of traffic to your website.
  • Dozens of clickable links — you’ll discover resources (some well known and some well kept secrets) for each of the 27 methods for buying traffic!

That’s 27 proven ways and dozens of resources that you can put to use immediately to buy a boatload of traffic for your website all packed in to a no-fluff, traffic getting manual.

More Than Just “What” To Do, I Show You “Where” To Buy Traffic

Over 100 Clickable Links To Paid Advertising!

One of the things you’ll really appreciate about the Paid Traffic Manual is that I revealed dozens of websites where you can buy traffic.  That’s right, instead of just telling you WHAT to do (IE Buy banner ads) I also show you WHERE to go in order to buy your traffic.

And I don’t stop there. While there are more than 100 places to buy paid ads listed, I also teach you how to find even more yourself! There’s no limit as to how many places you can buy advertising.  I’ll teach you 27 ways to buy traffic and reveal more than 100 places to buy traffic.

Note: While many of the strategies will have tips for success and even some steps to complete, this is not a “how to” manual. I.E. If I show you where to buy pay per click ads, don’t expect a complete course on how to setup and manage PPC ad campaigns. There are plenty of great courses out there on that subject — this isn’t one of them.

Although I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to get started, you might be thinking in the back of your mind, “what if this isn’t for me?

Listen, there’s no need to say “Yes” at this point. Just say “maybe”.

Order the Paid Traffic Manual. Go through the 27 proven paid traffic generating methods. If it doesn’t work for you, then email me and I’ll ensure you receive a 100% refund within 48 hours – no questions asked.

Consider This:

All It Takes Is ONE Good Source To Skyrocket Your Traffic

If you just use ONE of the sites I share to generate traffic this course pays for itself almost immediately!  There’s virtually no way you can go wrong with this. If you want to buy traffic, this course will show you where to go to do just that.

In fact…  If you aren’t completely satisfied, just email me and I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple. You get to work through the 27 traffic generating strategies at ZERO RISK to yourself.  So go ahead, try them out. Test this system thoroughly. I’m confident of the results.

At any rate, you have nothing to lose. And money to gain.

Order Now And Get 4 Valuable Bonuses!

These aren’t just “bonuses” thrown in to make it sound like a better deal. These resources were created specifically for this course … as supplements. They are useful and valuable!

Bonus 1: The Guide to ROI.  

In this 11-page report, on what you should test and track and how to utilize the right tools, procedures, and more. . . all so you can make sure you are getting the best ROI – RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Bonus 2 : 7 Ways to Increase Your Paid Traffic Revenue.

In this 14-page report, You will get seven methods for increasing the revenue on your paid traffic. This will focus on things like creating a lead-generation product, increasing your conversion rates, upsells, one-time offers, and more.

Bonus 3 : 7 Ways to Increase Your Paid Ad’s Effectiveness.

In this 18-page report, I will show you seven methods I use to increase the effectiveness of your paid ads. I show you how to use great strategies like using negative qualifiers, built-in deadlines, arouse curiosity, calls to action and 3 other powerful methods.

Bonus 4 : Traffic Toolkit.

This 17-page toolkit, is full of information that will help you excel in your paid traffic generation efforts. You will get a 7 day weekly schedule checklist, a monthly schedule checklist, and ad templates.

These bonuses could be sold for up to $30 EACH
Order now and you’ll get all 4 for free!

And these are just the “bonuses”. These are the “icing on the cake”. The course itself is a virtual treasure-map to endless website traffic.  The bonuses just make it that much easier to order.  So, what are you waiting for?

  • 75 Page, Fluff Free Manual
  • 4 Exclusive Bonus Reports
  • Suitable For ALL Budgets
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee