“Here’s the Smart Way to Turn Free Lead Magnets and Content Into 24/7 Revenue Streams!”

You may be using freemiums to grow your list and generate backend sales – but are you using these 12 different types of freemiums for maximum profits?

Marketers/Entrepreneurs everywhere are often in some kind of love/hate relationship when it comes to freemiums.  And with good reason – these strategic pieces of content can work like C-R-A-Z-Y to grow your business!

But there’s a catch…

...  Most people have no idea or plan how to make and monetize them the right way. You’re probably making the same mistakes everyone else is making?  

But it’s not your fault (there's way too much confusion and miss-information surrounding them) and the good news is that your freemiums are about to become a whole lot more popular and profitable!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s back up for a second…

Let’s start with a definition of “freemium”: this is a high-quality product that’s offered for free to prospects, with the marketer selling premium products and services on the backend of this freebie.

You can put freemiums to work for you to grow your business in two proven and very powerful ways…

#1 Give them away to Build New Lists...

Offering the right freemium works like crazy to attract new prospects to your list – and they work effectively to sell products to your new subscribers too!

#2 Give them away to Make Money...

You provide freemiums that presell paid offers.  Get it right and your subscribers will rush back to your site to purchase all kinds of promoted offers!

This is a super-profitable strategy. And you can optimize this strategy and boost your profits by doing two things:

Tip #1: Create a “useful yet incomplete” product.

A useful product is a valuable product that solves part of your prospect’s problem. This creates a lot of trust and goodwill with prospects and gives them a chance to sample just how well your solutions work.

And yet your freemium should be incomplete, in that it doesn’t solve the prospect’s entire problem. This gives you the opening to then sell the rest of the solution on the backend… which is why “useful yet incomplete” freemiums are so wildly profitable!

Here’s the second thing you need to do so optimize this strategy:

Tip #2: Get your freemium in front of as many targeted prospects as possible.

And the more people who lay their eyes on your freemium, the better your results. 

Not only will you grow a big and responsive list, you’ll also make more money on the backend!

Good news is there are all kinds of different ways to get your freemiums in front of a targeted and responsive audience.  Here are 10 quick ideas off the top of my head:

  1. Distribute via email, including both live broadcasts as well as via your autoresponder.
  2. Bundle with other products, such as in a membership site.
  3. Offer as a bonus to your paid offers.
  4. Publish on your blog and let visitors download it for free.
  5. Give rebrandable copies to your affiliates to distribute.
  6. Post to social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google
  7. Upload to YouTube (if you’re creating videos, of course).
  8. Insert a link on your download and thank you pages.
  9. Donate your freemium to a giveaway event.
  10. Sell the giveaway and rebranding rights to other marketers to exponentially increase your distribution.

Here’s what I’m trying to say…

You Can Grow Your List Faster and Make A Lot Of Money...  ...  By Strategically Giving Away FREE Content!

This works so well that just about every super successful marketer you’ll ever meet uses this strategy to create a 24/7 passive income streams.  

And now you too can discover the RIGHT way to create and monetize a dozen different types of in-demand freemiums!

Introducing Freemium Funds: 'How To Make And Monetize 12 Types Of Distributable Free Content'

Freemium Funds Coaching Program

What you’re about to download are 12 modules covering 12 of the most profitable types of freemiums. We’re not covering the typical reports and webinars here, because everyone uses those and you can find information elsewhere about them...

...  Instead, we’re covering freemiums that are highly valuable and effective, which most people aren’t actively creating and incorporating into their business (and they’re leaving money on the table as a result).

Each module is a fluff-free and quick read, approximately 10-12 pages long and includes two key parts:

MAKE:  Where you’ll discover how to quickly and easily create these 12 in-demand freemiums.

MONETIZE:  Where you’ll discover what to add and how to transform them into 24/7 automated 'sales machines'.

Here’s what you get when you Invest in Freemium Funds today…

Cheat Sheets & Info-graphics:

Download now and you’ll discover:

  • Why cheats sheets and infographics are so wildly popular (and profitable)!
  • How to create a professional cheat sheet or info-graphic that gets your prospects subscribing to your list, sharing your content and clicking your order buttons!
  • The #1 best way to turn this freebie into your company’s best sales person!

Work Sheets:

These are great freemiums that engage your audience and get them taking action. Inside this module you’ll find out:

  • Five surprising features you can include in your worksheet to engage prospects and help them solve a problem!
  • How to come up with awesome questions for your worksheet even if you’re not an ace at brainstorming!
  • Two easy ways to turn your prospects into cash-paying customers!


Your prospects are going to love, love, love templates, because they can put these tools to work for them immediately to solve a pressing problem.  And you’ll love the income these freemiums generate on the backend!

Here’s what you’re about to discover inside this module:

  • A simple three-step process for creating templates from scratch (even if you have no idea where to start).
  • The three essential components every high-quality template must possess.
  • A completely surprising way to monetize templates – most people overlook this strategy!

Checklists & Planners:

Prospects love these freemiums, because a checklist guide or planner gives them the “missing link” that many information products lack. Here’s what you’ll find out inside this module:

  • How to research/develop a high-quality checklist that’s sure to impress everyone who lays their eyes on it!
  • A simple trick for boosting the conversion rate of your backend offer – you’re going to want to start using this with all your freemiums!
  • Plenty of tips and examples to get you on the right track to making and monetizing a checklist guide or planner in any niche!

Documents & Forms:

Very few marketers use documents and forms as a freemium, simply because they never even thought about them. And that makes these products in high demand! Here’s what you’ll discover inside this module:

  • A four-step process for quickly and easily creating this rarely used freemium!
  • A surprisingly simple way to get two offers in front of two audiences when you use this freemium strategy!
  • How to get your prospects sharing your documents and forms like crazy – your traffic grows exponentially and effortlessly

Buyer’s Guides:

Your buyers are looking for trusted information to help them make a buying decision, which is why this type of freemium is so popular and so profitable!  Here’s what you’ll get inside this module:

  • You’ll learn about the two types of buyers guides and which one you should create! (Get this wrong and you’ll leave money on the table!)
  • A five-part outline that you can swipe to quickly and easily create a buyers guide ASAP!
  • The surprising truth about monetizing this freemium – read this carefully so you don’t accidentally sabotage your profit strategy!

Email Mini Courses:

The big advantage of delivering a mini course by email is that prospects give you their BEST email addresses – and they open your emails, see your links, and click on them!  Here’s what’s inside:

  • How to choose a topic that will get prospects eagerly opening every email you send to them!
  • How to craft a five-part series that keeps readers engaged and clicking on your offers!
  • The #1 trick for making more sales with this strategy – don’t mess this up!

Swipe Files & Tip Sheets:

Prospects use swipe files every single time they complete a task (such as writing a sales letter), which means they’ll see your links repeatedly over time. This means big conversions for you!  Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The three questions you must ask yourself before creating a swipe file – once you know the answer, you’ll know how to create the best and most profitable swipe file for your niche!
  • How to brainstorm and research your way to a freemium that quickly becomes your prospects favorite resource!
  • The #1 best way to monetize your swipe file using a simple two-step process!


Contendeos are content videos that present one big idea on the frontend, and sell a related offer on the backend. Here’s what you’ll learn inside this module:

  • The three different types of contendeos you can create – and which one is right for your needs!
  • The three-step process for planning and producing your video – and what to do if you don’t have the equipment or tech skills to do it yourself!
  • Three tips and tricks for maximizing profits on the backend of your contendeo!

Mind Maps & Process Maps:

Prospects love these maps, because they present information in a new (non-linear) way. They also make great tools for printing off and hanging up, which means prospects will see your ad repeatedly!

Here’s what you’ll get inside this essential module:

  • A simple process for determining whether a mind map or process map will be more profitable for your niche!
  • An easy three-step process for creating in-demand process maps and mind maps!
  • An unexpected way to monetize these maps – do it right, and this is a freemium that will pay big dividends over the long run!

Q&A Group Coaching:

Question and answer sessions are great ways to showcase your expertise, especially if you’re selling coaching or information products on the backend. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The two keys to choosing a profitable topic for your group-coaching session!
  • How to gather, create and answer in-demand questions that naturally lead to big profits on the backend!
  • The #1 best way to sell more products inside your question and answer session!

Article Libraries:

This freemium is popular because prospects get an overview of several subtopics in your niche (such as the top garden pests and how to get rid of them). You’ll love this freemium because it gives you a chance to promote multiple offers!

Here’s what you get:

  • How to choose a topic for your library that’s sure to be both popular and extremely profitable!
  • A step-by-step guide for quickly and easily creating your article library – plus a tip for really speeding up the process!
  • You’ll find out the right way to monetize this strategy – don’t even think about dropping a link until you read the last half of this lesson!

And that’s not all!

Here’s what else you get when you order now…

The Freemium Funds Bonus Pack

BonuS ONE:

The Freemium Creation Worksheet:

Are you ready to start creating your own freemium? Then use this worksheet to walk through the “FREEBIE” formula for creating a high-quality, effective freemium. Here’s an overview of the formula:

  • Finalize Your Backend Offer
  • Review Potential Topics
  • Establish a Format
  • Explore the Market
  • Build Your Freemium
  • Insert Call to Action
  • Excite Prospects

Bonus TWO:

120 Examples of Highly Effective Freemiums

Need ideas of what sort of freemiums to create? Then you’re going to love this swipe file. Here you’ll find 10 examples (across 10 popular markets) of each of the 12 types of freemiums you’ve been learning about in Freemium Funds.

Here are the 12 types of freemiums:

  • Infographics/Cheat Sheets
  • Worksheets
  • Templates
  • Checklists & Planners
  • Documents & Forms
  • Buyer’s Guides
  • Email Mini Courses
  • Swipe Files & Tip Sheets
  • Contendeos
  • Mind Maps & Process Maps
  • Q/A Group Coaching
  • Article Libraries

And here are the 10 markets where we’ll share examples of the above 12 freemiums:

  • Make Money Online
  • Employment/Career-Building
  • Weight Loss/Fitness
  • Organic Gardening
  • Travel
  • Self-Improvement
  • Relationships
  • Finance/Investment/Saving
  • Writing/Fiction
  • Adoption

This file is going to get your head swimming with great ideas!

Bonus THREE:

10 Mistakes With Freemiums (And How To Fix Them)

​No matter what type of freemium you’re creating, you’ll save yourself time, money and frustration down the road if you avoid the ten mistakes revealed inside this bonus.

Be sure to read them once more before you start working on your next piece of content!

Bonus FOUR:

The Five Fundamentals Of Freemiums That Convert

A lot of marketers who’re creating freemiums for the first time tend to get disappointing results. And in many cases, it’s because they haven’t followed the five fundamentals for creating freemiums that convert.

The good news is that you’re about to discover these fundamentals when you download this collection today – and that means you’ll know how to create high-converting, profitable freemiums!

Bonus FIVE:

20 Shortcuts To Make Them Faster, Easier And Better

Chances are, you’re not going to make just one freemium. Once you see how well a good freemium works to generate sales and newsletter subscribers, you’re going to want to create quite a few of them.  And that’s why you’ll want to pay attention to these 20 tips, tricks and shortcuts for making freemiums faster, easier and better!

I think you’ll agree that these bonuses, cheat sheets and the main course are just what you need right now to generate more revenue for your business and at this point you’re liking what you see?  

After all, while everyone talks about freemiums, hardly anyone tells you how to make and monetize these 12 types of popular and profitable products.  So now you’re wondering…

How Much Is It?

If you paid for each of these 12 “make and monetize” modules separately, you’d easily pay $15 each – that’s $180 for the entire package.  And you can bet they’d be worth every penny. If you learned something in each lesson to get just ONE extra customer, you’d instantly recoup your investment and start pocketing a profit.

Now here’s the good news: I’m going to offer you a package deal you can’t resist…

Order now, and you can get your hands on each of these 12 modules for just $8.08 each – that’s just $97 for the program. Plus, you’ll also get the five bonuses too at no extra cost!

Freemium Funds Coaching Program


Instant Access Download -- Includes 5 Bonus Extras Shown Above

These 12 types of freemiums work in ANY nicheIF you know how to make and monetize them the right way. 

So, order Freemium Funds now so that you too can discover how to make money by giving away free content!

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