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GooglePlus Marketing

Discover The Ultimate Guide To Building & Marketing Your Business With Google Plus!

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If you've been online long enough you'll remember the 'good ole days', when Yahoo was THE search engine?

That was until the fall of 1998, when this new kid on the block, Google, suddenly appeared out of nowhere to steal the search engine crown.

After that, when you searched for stuff on Google... you actually got more or less what you wanted.

And today... despite the massive growth of the internet, we all take it for granted that - no matter how obscure our query - the answer will be right there on Google.

Which explains why Google is the world's favorite search engine, getting around 70% of all searches, whilst Yahoo and others are still struggling to keep up - let alone regain their original supremacy.

It's now about to happen all over again

Because, what Google did for search engines they are about to do for social media...

...and here's how you cash in BIG TIME...

Because Google is building on its well deserved reputation for excellence and applying it to creating the very best social media platform for business.

Currently, Facebook is used extensively by businesses.

But it merely evolved from a site where college students hung out. So just imagine the extraordinary power of a social networking site like Google Plus, which has been designed from the ground up as a business social media site!

And, with Google's usual flair for excellence, it has taken the best loved business features from other social networks and combined them all in Google Plus. What's more, Google Plus is perfect for us internet marketers - for example, it allows you to ring fence your contacts in separate groups (perfect if you operate in several different niches).

And here's the $64,000 question...

Will Google Plus 'do a Yahoo' and replace Facebook?

Only time will tell - but this much IS certain...

The history of social media proves that those who are smart and take the time to learn how to make use of the new site early on enjoy a massive 'first mover advantage' and so make the most money from social media. Which is great news for you, because right now your competitors are probably ignoring this sleeping giant - and, even if they're members of Google Plus - they probably aren't using it the way it should be used, because...

There's a big problem

Google Plus is the most comprehensive, built for business, social media platform there has ever been. But that makes it a double-edged sword...

...because the sheer comprehensive nature of Google Plus, means that, in order to really profit to the maximum you need to be a Google Plus Zen Master.

You see, Google plus gives you a whole universe of free state-of-the-art business tools, such as:

  • Circles: one of Google Plus's key innovations, allowing you to separate your customers and suppliers into different groups, which is perfect if you market to multiple niches.
  • Insights: a cutting edge analytical tool that helps you understand how your business is being viewed by your customers and potential customers.
  • Hangouts: the teleconferencing facility allowing you to hold meetings, meet with customers and even host online seminars.
  • Translate: this is the world wide web. So, if you've limited yourself to English so far, here's an instant way to widen your reach - massively.
  • Messenger: this facility takes sending texts to a whole new level and is perfect now mobile internet marketing has taken off big time...

And that's just for starters...

So what you really need is a native guide to take you by the hand and break each step down to make it as simple as ABC.

What's more, Google Plus is aimed squarely at the corporate market. So we internet marketers need to approach this from a slightly different angle.

But the prize for mastering Google Plus is massive: more exposure... more traffic... more sales... more profits and ultimately a richer life for you and your loved ones...

So just imagine, being able to pay off the mortgage on your home. Or perhaps having it totally remodeled and paying cash - no loan needed.

No need just to imagine, because I have some really welcome news for you...

I've just created a brand new, cutting edge guide that will take you by the hand and help you build a massive Google Plus presence that will supercharge your business and leave all your competitors crying salty tears of frustration...


Google Plus Marketing

GooglePlus Marketing

Once you see this breakthrough guide, you'll be amazed how smooth your path to more exposure, traffic & profits really is!

GooglePlus Marketing is the easy to use detailed blueprint that reveals exactly how to use Google Plus to maximum advantage in your business. The range of high quality tools Google puts at your disposal is truly breathtaking and this groundbreaking program will make sure you take everything they give you to build your business and get 120% out of it.

This comprehensive guide exposes every single tip and trick I've discovered that you can start using today to build an impressive presence on Google Plus that will mark you out as a top player. The resulting explosion of traffic to your squeeze pages and web sites will make your sales and profits soar.

So, whether you're:

Just starting out in internet marketing and want to be sure you are beginning in the very best possible way by employing one of the top sources of targeted traffic around.


You have owned an on line business for some time and are already enjoying a modest success, but are now eager to move your business up to a whole new level and like the idea of tapping into traffic from one of the most innovative and dynamic companies on the web today - Google....

either way, you'll be over the moon with the wealth of simple to use, street-smart secrets you'll find in this brand new program.

And here's a tiny sample of the street smart inside track secrets that await you inside this revolutionary new program...

Module# 1  Introduction: Google Plus - GAME CHANGER!

This detailed program starts by explaining just what makes Google Plus so powerful for business owners and why you cannot afford to ignore it any longer, if you want to make your business as profitable as it can be.

The introduction then covers the basic steps of setting up a Google Plus account:

  • ​How the rules for personal and business accounts differ.
  • The essential item you need to start your Google Plus account (don't worry - it's free!).

Module# 2  Creating your business account

This first module shows how to set up your business account for the very best effect.

  • ​The secret to building a compelling profile.
  • The vital aspect of picking the right category for your business.
  • Creating a Google Plus account for business (this is where the rubber hits the road).
  • How to link to your other social media sites (so you can form a complete network of sites.
  • Entering your information and selecting an image (and why you should select your image with care).

Module# 3  What exactly are circles?

This module is devoted to Google Plus's important innovation of 'circles' and demonstrates how they are easier to use than the equivalent on either Facebook or Twitter.

  • How circles can be used as a powerful organizational tool.
  • How to use circles to create mailing lists (and it's drop dead simple to do!).
  • The limits on circles - and what you must avoid to prevent being blocked by Google.
  • How circles allow you the ultimate flexibility in assigning individual contacts into various groups.
  • How circles allow you to laser-target your content for the specific niche covered by that circle (this very useful feature is not available on other social media).

Module# 4  Hanging Out With Google Plus

This module gives you the heads up on one of Google's most awesome facilities - the video conferencing facility Google calls Hangouts, which takes face to face, real time, group video communication to a whole new level.

  • How to join the Muppets and Starbucks in building your own powerful brand with your very own video On Air network.
  • How Hangouts will slash business costs, save time and bring a whole new dimension to multiple face to face communications.
  • How the Hangouts app makes it possible for any Google Plus member to access information about your business and so make it silky-smooth for them to become a customer.
  • How to take brand loyalty to undreamt of levels with the On Air (and how to harness its ability to allow customers and potential customers to participate in your operation).
  • How the 'On Air' facility allows you to publish your hangout to an unlimited number of people who can interact with it via text (it's just like having your very own phone-in TV program - and you can be on the ground floor with this!).

Module# 5  Google Plus Messenger

These days it's vital for you to be on the cutting edge of mobile marketing and this module covers all you need to know about the awesome ability of Google Plus in this area.

  • How to use this multi-user, interactive text facility to best advantage.
  • How texting is rapidly replacing email as the primary method of communication within social networks.
  • How Google Plus's Messenger facility allows text messages to be received without the prior use of an opt in (making opt in email marketing look a lot more convoluted).

Module# 6  Google Plus events

This module takes an in-depth look at Google Plus Events and highlights how it differs from Facebook Events.

  • How to combine an Event with Hangouts (so you could set up a training session or seminar with a group of customers or students).
  • How Google Plus Events helps folks plan events in advance, as well as make it a rich experience with the ability to select themes and add photos and even video.
  • How Events can be linked to Google Calendar for seamless planning.

Module# 7  Using the marketing tools to best effect

Although some of Google Plus's features work in a similar fashion to Facebook and Twitter, they tend to be more innovative, as you would expect from a Mark Two type of product. So here's the heads up on the most useful tools, you can use right away.

  • The Google Plus +1 facility (and how to use it to best advantage).
  • Insights and how you can enjoy valuable feedback for all your posts.
  • The simple way you can reach out to your contact's contacts (and so greatly increase your circle of contacts).
  • How to take advantage of Google's 'Penguin' algorithm update by gaining more social media influence and status.
  • How you'll know as soon as you gain a new contact - and how you can instantly assign them to a particular circle.
  • The simple step you can take to make Streamified accessible to you 24/7 from virtually any computing device, fixed or mobile.
  • How having 'like's, re-Tweets and Google + 1 recommendations are now more valuable than ever to your SEO (whilst the value of backlinks shrink).
  • How the 'Streamified' facility allows you to merge your Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and other social media accounts with your Google Plus timeline (allowing you one-stop viewing of all your accounts).

Module# 8  More useful tools and future possibilities

This module examines some of the more advanced tools Google Plus endows you with, including the ability to automatically translate between any of 64 different languages.

  • The three new exciting features of 'Search Plus Your World'.
  • The simple steps to activate the powerful Google Plus badge.
  • How 'Search Plus Your World' brings you even more personalized searches.
  • How 'Direct Connect' search will allow you to widen your circle of contacts at a stroke.
  • How you can link your Google Adwords account to receive +1 'votes', taking social proof to a whole new level.
  • What the current white space on the Google Plus landing page will contain in the future (Google promise it won't be ads).
  • How uploading photos, videos and links is even easier with Google Plus (no need to struggle with all those Facebook style apps).
  • Why uptake of Google Plus has been slow, so far (and how that puts you in a powerful position to take full advantage, right now).
  • How Google Plus attracted more than 250 million users in its first year and how the aim is to make it even easier to use and understand.
  • How Google Translate allows you to vastly expand your global reach (and how it's only a matter of time before linkage to voice recognition software will permit direct speech to other folks speaking a different language).

Module# 9  Using Google Plus To Build Your Business

Now you have a good overview of the Google Plus site, this module takes an in-depth look at what Google's aims are with Google Plus and how you can take full advantage of the superb tools you have at your disposal.

  • How using Google's attribution system will enhance your search engine rankings.
  • The simple four steps you can easily take to 'watermark' all your original content so Google will give you full credit.
  • The advantage of cross linking your personal information (and how it can protect you from having the content you create stolen).

Module# 10  How to instantly increase your traffic

The main reason to join Google Plus is to supercharge your levels of targeted, pre-sold traffic and this module give you the heads up on making sure you're delighted with the result.

  • The simple three step process you can use to get folks to click your +1 button frequently.
  • Why the +1 button will soon have a bigger impact on your search engine rankings than backlinks.
  • How to ensure you get more +1 at every possible opportunity (because nothing else will have a greater impact on your search engine standing).

Module# 11  Google Plus and the way forward

This concluding part looks into the future and comes to some startling conclusions about how the world of internet marketing will be changed by Google Plus.

  • How you shouldn't be fooled by Google's low key launch, because - once the site is perfected and properly rolled out - it will take the internet by storm (precisely why you need to master Google Plus now!).
  • How the Panda and Penguin algorithm changes were the first part of the sea change for rankings that increase the need for the highest quality content and elevate the value of the +1 button way above regular backlinks.

... and much MUCH more ...

GooglePlus Marketing hands you complete mastery of the many awesome tools Google Plus puts at your disposal. It really is a complete paint by numbers blueprint that empowers you to become a Google Plus expert as fast as humanly possible. What's more - when my secrets are your secrets - I know you'll be astonished how fast you'll notice a sharp increase in your levels of qualified traffic and the upward jolt in the sales and profits.

Make no mistake, Google Plus is probably going to end up as THE leading business orientated social media site. So I want to be sure you take full advantage of this by using the secrets I'm about to hand you.

That's why I've gone the extra mile to create these amazing...


Look, I know if you get my product in your hands and put it to use it could change your life. I also know that if you're like most people, you procrastinate. I know what it's like to procrastinate, and I've missed out on a lot of great opportunities because of it.

I don't want that to happen to you.

Therefore, I'm going to reward you for taking action and moving forward to realize your dreams of financial freedom. With that said, I've created four special "fast action" bonuses. 

Fast Action Bonus# 1: WORKSHEET

Google Plus hands you a wide range of new methods and new tools to use. So keeping track of everything is vital if you are to enjoy the full benefit of the site. And that will be a slam dunk with this worksheet.

Because this worksheet integrates seamlessly with the GooglePlus Marketing program, you'll be thrilled to find out just what a really helpful extra it is.

It makes the whole operation drop dead simple, because you simply check off each task one by one as you complete it.

This is the very best tool you could have to get you up to speed in the exciting world of Google Plus.

Fast Action Bonus# 2: CHECKLIST

If you want to capitalize on the key advantage you now have of being in on the ground floor of Google Plus, you need to be very active in this site.

The problem is that keeping control of such a diverse operation brings some complex logistical challenges. So having every last detail of each project at your fingertips is the key to success.

And this checklist makes it a complete no-brainer to be certain you have every last detail covered.

And, because this checklist fits smoothly with your Google Plus Marketing program, keeping tabs on your Google Plus activities will be a piece of cake.

So any worries you have that Google Plus might be a bit too complex or difficult to understand will quickly vanish when you see the whole process set out before you, as simple as ABC.

I am rightly very pleased with the checklist I've created for you to make your path to Google Plus mastery as smooth as silk.

Fast Action Bonus# 3: PROCESS MAP

Like a commander viewing the battlefield, this process chart will prove to be the perfect way to oversee every aspect of your project at a glance.

Fortune 500 and other top executives are taught to take 'helicopter views' of their business. This literally lets them see the BIG PICTURE. And now you can use the same valuable technique with your very own process map. It's the perfect way to take an overview of every tiny aspect of your project.

The secret of getting the maximum benefit from Google Plus is to create top quality fresh content. Google loves fresh content and will reward you well. So being able to see at a glance the status of all your content (whether outsourced or not) is a huge advantage.

And that's completely painless when you have my process map, which you simply print and hang on your wall. A single glance will then tell you all you need to know about the status of each piece of fresh content you or your outsourcers are creating

By now, the latent power of Google Plus must be obvious to you. So you'll now understand how it can unleash a torrent of traffic, sales and profits!

And that's all due to the fact Google is the proven innovative force on the internet. So by using their free facilities in the way they want, you'll have the awesome power of this internet giant behind you in everything you do. And - without a doubt - that will skyrocket your income.

I'm determined to remove any possible barrier to being able to take full advantage...

... so I'm taking away even the tiniest risk.

So take this program for a full test drive. Set up your Google Plus account and create a profile along the lines I suggest. Create a few circles and use some of the other awesome tools I've revealed to you. And you can do all this knowing that - if you have even the tiniest doubt or this guide isn't everything I've said and much more - then simply let me know for a fast, no-questions-asked refund.


I'm so sure that GooglePlus Marketing will provide you with the results that you're looking for that I'm willing to back it up for a full 30 days.

If you're not completely satisfied with it, even if it's on the 29th day of the guarantee, all you have to do is let me know and I'll insist that you let me give you a full refund directly from my bank account.

No questions asked. It's just that simple!

All you have to do is follow the simple steps I've set out and then watch the awesome power of Google Plus make your traffic, sales and profits soar!

And that's because this cutting edge program, crammed with hot insider shortcuts comes direct from the Google Plus front line.

It's as simple to use as a paint by numbers kit. And it lifts the lid on exactly what you need to do to harness the awesome power of this Google site to virtually compel members of your circles to come to your money pages and help to make you richer than you ever dreamed possible.

Order today for the low, low price of $19... just $6.95 

GooglePlus Marketing

This breakthrough program is brimming with smart ways to turn your Google Plus account into a traffic powerhouse, driving undreamed of levels of highly targeted, pre-sold traffic directly to your site.

All orders processed on a secure server -- You're 100% protected from unauthorized payments with 24/7 monitoring to prevent fraud.

​And with my 30 day satisfaction guarantee there is absolutely no risk to you - unless you decide to pass on this offer, in which case you'll put at risk the golden future that mastery of Google Plus could give you.

So, just click the button below, and I'll see you on the other side.

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