This Is Not The Upsell You Might Have Been Expecting...

Okay, I know you probably anticipated a one-time offer or something... this is quite different:

You see I don't actually have a product to sell you (I mean I do, I could have put any one of a 100 offers on this page because our catalog of books, courses and licensing is extensive, to say the least)
but hear me out.

Because if you're as excited as me about A.I. and tools like ChatGPT, this will be a treat.

But first, I would like to tell you just a little bit about myself.


Okay, let me clarify that I'm a tech junkie.

An absolute nerd

A GeeK of the highest order

and when it comes to A.I. well it's been one of my favorite topics of conversation for years.

  • If I'm totally honest I drive most of my friends crazy and my wife has seen me bounding back into the house raving about some 'new prompt' I've made or some new tool I've found, well it's too many times... she really is a saint 😇

As you can imagine, since ChatGPT rolled out just a few short months ago I've become OBSESSED!

Some days I start at 9 in the morning and find myself still working with it until 3 am the following day, bouncing around so many rabbit holes, prompt building, researching and learning.

Kinda crazy I know...

...  But what's really crazy is that I've QUADRUPLED my monthly earnings in just a few short months and thanks to what I've been doing with AI and ChatGPT

For instance, last month I added over 12 thousand dollars to my bank balance - and it's all down to A.I. (4 amazing tools but with ChatGPT being the biggest earner by far).

3 Prompts To Change Your Life!

I've gained the superpower to learn anything in just seconds and just a few mouse clicks - I call this "RAPID MASTERY" and this week alone I've studied 30 best-selling business and marketing books on Amazon. I've learned a metric ton of tips and ideas and some very cool stuff from YouTube (close to 200 hours worth of videos) and reviewed around a dozen websites. 

It can feel like your brain's on fire at times but I'm improving almost every part of my life because of the massive increase of input I'm getting.

And I'm
creating like never before - For me as a writer and educator (and copywriter/content creator) I've always struggled with initial ideas. Ideas for content, lead magnets, courses, books, videos - But now I can get super creative and inspired with just 3 random words - I call this the "BRAINSTORMER" and honestly it's like having a magic 8ball that every time you shake it blows you away with amazing ideas and inspiration.

But ideas alone don't make money.

So I've piggybacked what I call the "EMPIRE BUILDER" onto the "Brainstormer" and made a machine that spits out money like a broken ATM. I can turn any idea into a book, script, lead magnet or even a full-on flagship-level course, with promotional content for social media, blog posts, reviews and absolutely killer sales copy all using A.I.  Now, this does take some time to do, but imagine how rich you'd be if you could simply copy and paste your way to a best-selling book EVERY DAY! (that's easily doable with this jaw-dropping sequence)

These 3 ChatGPT-3 prompt sequences could 
change your life in many ways.

And I want to share them with you right now.


The problem is while I can share the prompts I can't really explain them to you properly in book format, there's some nuance to these prompts and they're very different from the prompts you might have seen some people selling or talking about on Twitter or YouTube.

You need to be sat with me as I walk you through them.

Or at least watch a video where I
break them down and show you exactly how they work.  Because this way you can use them repeatedly, make micro-adjustments yourself to make each one your own or even automate them further.

And the problem is
I don't know if enough people are interested in learning this stuff.

So here's the deal

So I can gauge demand and as long as at least 50 or so savvy entrepreneurs want to do all this stuff for themselves (and you're either a ChatGPT Jedi and good already, or just certifiably insane not to) then I'll do it and make those videos.

But honestly, it wouldn't be worth my time (I'm too busy making money) to do these recordings if only my mum and some guy called Ernie from Nebraska actually want to watch them. Right?

But I won't know until I ask...  so let's see...

Are you in?

Do you want to learn anything at the speed of light, do you want to own a 24/7 and on-demand ideas genie you can carry in your pocket...  And then know how to turn those ideas into an unstoppable stream of profitable books, courses and more, upping your productivity a thousandfold?

Would you like to watch over my shoulder via video (and probably poorly edited as I'm doing this all myself) while I teach you first-hand:  the Rapid Mastery methodthe Brainstormer and the Empire Builder?

If you are nodding yes then here's what you need to do:

Click This Link now and pay a deposit of just $10 - (I guarantee the total cost will be less than $50) and you can decide whether to pay the balance or not later (most likely end-Feb)

So you don't risk missing out I've created
a private membership and as soon as you pay your deposit you'll get an account where you'll be able to see the updates at any time, and it will be where you can get your ticket (minus the $10 deposit you're paying today) 

Note:  I'm doing it this way then we don't have to use just email (which isn't always reliable) - and ultimately the member area will be where I upload the training so you can watch anytime.

Sound Fair?

Just Click Here to send your $10 deposit


Okay... If on the other hand, it turns out that it's just me and you (or there are less than 50 like-minded souls) who are smart enough to want to do this stuff, and I don't make the videos, then I'll refund all deposits in full before the end of Feb and will still give you at least the .docx copy of my prompts to try out for yourself.

That's a no-lose deal.

here's why you should take it:

I'm going to offer this same deal publicly.

But if you say yes on this
TOP SECRET DEAL PAGE (<I did that to catch the skimmers) and because you just very wisely invested in ChatGPT Profits you're automatically getting a $20 discount.

The public ticket price (and any price beyond this page) will be at least twenty bucks more.

All you have to do now is ADMIT IT.

Admit you love this stuff too (I mean why the heck are you right down here still reading)

so let's make it happen >
CLICK HERE to PAY $10 and let me know (and to prove to my wife) that it's not just me that thinks this stuff is already the biggest thing ever and it's going to be the bringer of the biggest changes we'll see in our lifetimes (Caveat: Alien invasion)

And that
RIGHT NOW is the smartest time to jump in and go for the ride.

seriously watcha waiting for >>
YES! I'm In Here's My $10

or...  and okay I get it, this is not for everyone (maybe it is just me) 😟

And to continue without paying a deposit just:

CLICK HERE to leave this page forever

(and I promise we'll never talk of it again) you'll be instantly and without further interruption returned to the download page. (... and sob! don't worry, I'll be fine, sniff, I think I've got some dust in my eyes or something)

Thanks For Reading


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