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Better Focused Than FaceBook With Richer Members Than Twitter - And Yet Hardly Anyone Knows How To Harness Its MASSIVE Potential

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Do you realize you're probably missing out on the greatest social networking bonanza taking place RIGHT NOW right here?

But don't beat yourself up, because hardly anyone in the internet marketing world knows about this, either all of which means BIG BUCKS for you here's why...

... because you can tap into this treasure trove, starting today, and be lying on some tropical beach, sipping an ice-cold Margarita (with the cash safely in the bank), before your competitors even know what's hit them!

The key to success on line is threefold...

  • Find where a large, hungry group with a common interest hang out.
  • Make sure that group has cash to spend.
  • Offer them what they want.

You know what? LinkedIn - the networking site for top business folk - checks ALL THREE boxes...

These are the facts...

LinkedIn is focused on business and making money - giving you 100% totally targeted prospects.

It's also growing at the rate of one new signup every second - and every single new person is looking to increase their income.

The average household income for LinkedIn members is $150,000 far higher than any other social media site.

No distracting funny video uploads or games which means a totally serious audience looking for results!

Executives from every Fortune 500 company are members perfect if you're looking to hook up with some top movers and shakers!

About half of its members are seasoned decision makers in their businesses, compared with a quarter on Facebook you won't find many procrastinators here.

LinkedIn is 10th on Alexa for traffic in the US and we all know traffic (particularly of this high quality) means money

LinkedIn gets around FOUR MILLION hits a day just imagine what a tiny fraction of that will do for your bottom line!

All of which means...

  • You can generate more leads - because the folks here are far more tightly targeted.
  • You can suck in traffic like a Shop Vac on steroids - this site is invariably in the top five traffic driving sites.
  • You can make more sales and profits - this site has the largest per capital disposable income of any social networking site.
  • You can highlight your personal brand - so respected is this site that your profile can likely feature high in the first page of Google's search results!
  • You can forget Fiverr if you're looking to freelance - because this site has the power to endow you with as many gigs as you want... and all for top pay!
  • You keep control of your precious database - because you can export your database from this site... something neither Facebook nor Twitter allow.
  • You can become the 'go to' guy or gal in your niche - because this is a serious site for serious people.
  • You can forge priceless contacts that translate into money in the bank - make easy connections with the thousands of media professionals, and PR folk who inhabit this site.

Yet what do most folks think LinkedIn is for?

They think it's only good for putting up their resume, if they are looking for a new job!


And it's a mistake you can PROFIT from, because you can run circles around your competitors, whose jaws will drop right to the floor as you glide by in your new limo paid for by your LinkedIn profits!

But don't get me wrong

I'm not saying you should forgo Facebook in preference to LinkedIn. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, neglect either and you'll be leaving money lots of money for someone else to pick up.

Using both Facebook AND LinkedIn (and Twitter, too) is not only the very best way to explode your sales, profits and happiness it's also a valuable insurance for your business.

One of the iron rules on business and investing is never to have all your eggs in one basket. So having multiple sources of traffic and income is the shrewd way forward, because you are targeting different types of people yet all with the same interest in your niche for the maximum possible interest and sales.

But, if one or more of these networks suddenly change their business plan meaning you lose out it won't be the deadly blow to business that less shrewd business owners will suffer.

And another rule of smart business is that a smaller group of better targeted folks always beats a larger group of less well targeted prospects.

So, despite LinkedIn being a relative minnow, with 'only' around 347 million members, compared with Facebook's billions, the far higher net worth of LinkedIn members - as well as their far tighter focus on increasing their wealth - makes it a GOLDMINE for you.

And because all proper goldmines need a proper map to locate the gold - that's what I've prepared for you...


LinkedIn Marketing


Here is your complete A Z training manual to transform you into a LinkedIn BLACK BELT...

Linkedin Marketing is crammed with must-have secrets every internet marketer intending to play with the big boys needs to succeed. What's more you'll experience the warm glow that comes from knowing you are one of the elite 5% who really know how to profit big time from LinkedIn.

This cutting edge manual will help you zoom straight to LinkedIn gold, lightening fast, by handing you a complete A Z guide, carefully designed in a 'paint by numbers' style for fast, easy action.

Get ready for the scales to fall from your eyes. Because, this manual is divided into 15 straight to the point modules, each a wealth of little known secrets you can take to the bank.

So, whether you're a rookie just starting to make money on line or a seasoned player wanting to increase your online wealth, then this exciting, brand new program is for you.

And here's just a tiny taster of the amazing insider secrets awaiting you inside...

Module# 1  Introduction

This section gives you a quick overview of why you need to be on this site - even if you aren't looking for another job. Then it reveals these six little known ways you can benefit greatly from membership of LinkedIn...

Module# 2  Top ___ reasons you need to be LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn marketing for you? Probably, and this section will quickly get you up to speed with the very best way for you to take full advantage of this amazing network.

  • ​The key reason why LinkedIn is unique in the entire history of commerce.
  • The ten cutting edge LinkedIn updates and the ingenious ways you can exploit them to greatly ramp up your LinkedIn presence.

Module# 3  Your rock-solid marketing plan

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail is a cliche, but no less wise for that. So here are the three steps to take to make sure your LinkedIn presence is firmly based on a solid foundation.

  • Step One This is broken down into nine easy to follow goals. And, once you've accomplished these, you will be well on your way to top billing on LinkedIn.
  • Step Two Become a Master Spy! It's often said that 'Knowledge is Power', so here's a dirty little secret way of gaining power over your LinkedIn competitors by spying on them. Then, once you know what they are up to, you can plan to outsmart them!
  • Step Three It's very easy to stray off course, but with these secrets at your finger tips it will be easy to stay right on track.

Module# 4  Developing your Profile for the market

This is where the rubber hits the road, because your profile is central to your entire persona on LinkedIn.

So you'll be delighted to be privy to this vital intel that reveals these little known secrets that makes entering the market and setting out your stall a mile of difference between LinkedIn failure and LinkedIn rip-roaring success!

  • The vital key secrets to optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Don't miss these red hot tips - direct from the experts.
  • The little understood LinkedIn Apps - and how you can exploit them to the max!

Module# 5  Growing your network FAST

It's a fact: your reputation depends on the number of contacts shown on your page. So this module is devoted to getting you the maximum contacts in the shortest time.

  • How to add the power of 'social proof' to your LinkedIn profile for even greater kudos.
  • How to add your own business details and why you should.
  • Seven smart ways to build up your contacts faster than you might believe possible. You might know a couple of these tricks but all seven?
  • The important task of adding your products and how you can even employ the unrivalled marketing power of video by adding a link direct to your web site.
  • How to keep your finger on the pulse of your niche.
  • Here's how to set up a permanent spying network to keep a close eye on the competitors in your niche that are also on Linked In. That way you'll know what they are up to as soon as they do!

Module# 6  Harnessing the power of LinkedIn Groups

Joining groups is one of the smartest moves you can make, because a LinkedIn group is effectively - a super-targeted list of prospects for what you have to sell.

What's more, it's a super-simple way to make even more connections and contacts, because you'll be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. So here are some streetwise ways to exploit LinkedIn Groups...

  • The most powerful groups for you to join. And how many groups are too many?
  • The clever secret of leveraging your group membership for even more exposure.
  • Questions and answers and how to get the maximum benefit from both.
  • How groups allow you to bring in material to increase your standing and get noticed.
  • The very best way of all to use groups (it's probably not what you think).
  • Timing is everything in marketing so here's some sage advice...

Module# 7  How to exploit LinkedIn Answers

Building relationships is the cornerstone of all successful marketing and the interactive nature of the question and answer facility of LinkedIn allows you to do this on steroids.

What's more, it also provides countless valuable opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge of your subject in a way many others will notice and want to come to your profile and hook up.

  • How to maximize the value of this useful facility with the minimum of effort.
  • How to become a recognized expert for more attention and kudos.
  • The smart way to quickly become a mover and shaker in the LinkedIn Top Responses for maximum publicity and respect.

Module# 8  Power positioning as a LinkedIn leader

You now have a powerful marketing machine at your command, it's time to focus like a laser on what to do with it...

  • Building up a picture of your ideal prospect and what you want from them should be your primary goal.
  • How to prime your lead-generation pump. Do this right and you'll never be short of prospects or sales ever again.
  • How to exploit viral marketing (you'll be amazed at this suggestion and delighted how well it works ... once you try it).
  • The key to creating a constant 'buzz' around your profile.
  • How to market your business the Google way.

PART TWO: Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Congratulations! You are now well on your way to dominating LinkedIn. You already know the basics - which is far more than 95% of the folks on LinkedIn can say.

Now it's time to move on up to the more advanced techniques...

Module# 9  Your LinkedIn account- paid or free?

It's a measure of the value of a LinkedIn account that the top slots cost from $75 to $100s a month. And, at the other end of the scale, there are plenty of folks enjoying totally free accounts.

So can you get even bigger bangs by investing some bucks in a paid account?

  • The extra functions you can exploit to take your LinkedIn presence to the next level with a paid account including how to get a 100% response or your money back!
  • The different levels of paid account starting from less than 20 bucks a month.
  • Finding suitable joint venture partners. We all know JVs are a smart way to market your products, because you only pay by results. So here's the right way to use LinkedIn to set up this most effective way of increasing sales and profits.
  • Locating the top dogs in your industry. Naturally, you'll want to hook up with the rainmakers in your area of business, so here's the smart way to do it.
  • The best area in LinkedIn to connect with JV partners.How to maximize your searches with this little known facility.

Module# 10  Easy market research the LinkedIn way

Researching your market is the vital first step to making a success of your venture. Yet there was a time when proper market research cost millions and took ages, making it a no go area for the small business. But now it costs nothing and is a snap to do right on LinkedIn.

  • How to plant a few well placed questions that will quickly unleash a wealth of white hot information you can take to the bank.
  • How to create your own personal 'hot line' to the throbbing pulse of your particular market and it's all there for the taking on LinkedIn!

Module# 11  Fresh content direct from the horse's mouth

It's inevitable that, sooner or later, you'll run out of ideas for coming up with new products or reports to keep your business thriving. So here's a way you can leverage LinkedIn to fill the gap...

  • The secret way of finding those little known experts you can interview and turn into a sparkling new product.
  • The six savvy ways you can multipurpose this one asset and create a torrent of traffic from both LinkedIn and well beyond.

Module# 12  Creating a buzz with LinkedIn 'Events'

A way to become an instant personality in your field is to hold an event. This can be anything from a masterclass in front of a live audience to an on line webinar. And the good news is you can use LinkedIn to both research the competition and publicize your event...

  • How to find out about other similar events and then make yours even better!
  • How to make it a slam dunk to have your event booked solid lightening fast.

Module# 13  Your first LinkedIn advertising campaign

Advertising on LinkedIn has been shown to be highly cost effective, because the target is so tightly defined. And here's how to make your ROI even better!

  • The six mistakes that could mean your ad is rejected and how to avoid them.
  • The five features of a successful LinkedIn ad miss one at your peril.
  • The nine key criteria that will decide the reach of your advert.
  • How to be in total control of your advert and your budget.
  • The four Dos and the three Don'ts of creating red hot LinkedIn ads.

Module# 14  Marketing magic with LinkedIn profile badges

Now you are a force to be reckoned with on LinkedIn, you need to bring this to the attention of the wider world...

  • How your LinkedIn profile badge can be a gateway that sucks in even more business.
  • How to create your profile badge in seconds.Where to display your LinkedIn profile badge for maximum effect.

Module# 15  Putting It all together

Nothing stays the same for ever and, although LinkedIn changes less than, say, Facebook, here's a checklist to keep you up to speed with any LinkedIn changes with the minimum of time and effort.

  • The five top tips for LinkedIn marketing success. Follow these and your continued positive experience with LinkedIn is assured.
  • If you've absorbed all these little known LinkedIn secrets, then you've made an excellent start. So here are some wise words to carry with you as you rise to the very top of LinkedIn.

... And that's just a brief overview!

And, because I'm determined you must enjoy total LinkedIn success I'm adding these extra ...


Look, I know if you get my product in your hands and put it to use it could change your life. I also know that if you're like most people, you procrastinate. I know what it's like to procrastinate, and I've missed out on a lot of great opportunities because of it.

I don't want that to happen to you.

Therefore, I'm going to reward you for taking action and moving forward to realize your dreams of financial freedom. With that said, I've created four special "fast action" bonuses. 

Fast Action Bonus# 1: WORKSHEET

The way to create massive confidence is to get a series of successes behind you and this worksheet does exactly that, empowering you to move onward and upward, building success upon success.

And, because this worksheet is designed to integrate seamlessly with your LinkedIn Marketing manual, swiftly rising to the top of LinkedIn will be effortless.

It does this by fragmenting the process into simple 'do this', 'then do that' steps. Simply check off each step, as you accomplish it.

This simple, but highly effective, approach will make the task of climbing to the very top of LinkedIn a complete no-brainer.

The joyous sense of accomplishment and empowerment you'll experience as you finish one simple step and proceed to the next one has to be felt to be believed!

Fast Action Bonus# 2: Checklist

No airline pilot would take his aircraft into the air before completing his vital checklist,

Any multi-task mission requires a checklist for total success, so here's yours.

It makes the important task of completing everything in the correct sequence a piece of cake all you do is check each step as you do it. Simple!

And every checkmark you make moves you ever closer to your ultimate goal of true financial freedom, with your LinkedIn connections opening up ever increasing opportunities for making life-changing amounts of money.

Fast Action Bonus# 3: Processmap

Like a commander viewing the battlefield, this process chart will prove to be the perfect way to oversee every aspect of your project at a glance.

Fortune 500 and other top executives are taught to take 'helicopter views' of their business. This literally lets them see the BIG PICTURE. And now you can use the same valuable technique with your very own process map. It's the perfect way to take an overview of every tiny aspect of your project.

It will look most impressive and efficient hanging on your office wall and will always be instantly available to monitor your rapid progress. And that will be a powerful spur as you quickly complete those steps to total LinkedIn mastery.

This can change your life if you let it

This program is brand new and unique in the extent of the secrets it reveals. And I'm sure you're shrewd enough to grasp the tremendous advantage being an early adopter will give you over the competition.


I'm so sure that LinkedIn Marketing will provide you with the results that you're looking for that I'm willing to back it up for a full 30 days.

If you're not completely satisfied with it, even if it's on the 29th day of the guarantee, all you have to do is let me know and I'll insist that you let me give you a full refund directly from my bank account.

No questions asked. It's just that simple!

Order today for the low, low price of $19... just $6.95 


Make the right choice today and then when you are enjoying the kudos and wealth that being a top dog on LinkedIn will bring you you can look back to today and think, yes, I really DID make the right choice.

Remember, I'm taking all the risk here with my 60 day no-quibble guarantee.

The only risk you have is what you will lose if you decide to pass on this.

So, just click the button below, and I'll see you on the other side.

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