These 'magic five' email templates have netted tens of thousands of dollars for our online business!"
(and I'm giving them to you so you can copy and paste your way to success)

No matter what you sell or promote online, the single most important thing you should be doing right now is list building!  

That's because your mailing list is your most valuable asset.  Think about it, if all your other traffic sources dried up you'd still be okay as long as you had a list...  Even if your products just disappeared off the face of the earth, you'd still have the ability to make money as long as you had a list.  

For ANYONE building any kind of online (or offline) business list building should be the number one priority.

YES!! I appreciate, you already understand this, it's why you're here right?.. (I'm preaching to the choir)  But more importantly, you also know that the real key to successful email marketing is to focus on building a stronger relationship with your subscribers from day #1 (because those relationships will ultimately help close more sales for you)

You know it!..  But for most people, the problem comes when they actually have to sit down and write emails, when they have to figure out what to say (and decide the right balance between content/promotion).  It can be super confusing. You can end up staring at a blank screen for hours trying to figure out what to say -- Or worse, sending out emails that just don't work!!

Think of your typical vending machine: 

The vendor (let's call him Bob) puts something into the machine, such as chips, soda, candy or even toys. Then each week Bob goes back to his machine and takes something out (money).  

It's simple and profitable.  A good mailing list works the same way:  

You put something in - such as good content - and just like Bob you'll get to take something out (IE MONEY).


However, the notion of "good content" is where most beginning (and even veteran!) email marketers stumble. They'll pump out broadcast after broadcast to their lists, but they don't get any clicks, the don't get any sales and they're not making any money... 

...  In fact most times the only thing they get is a shrinking list as their prospects hit the "unsubscribe" button.

So what, exactly, is good content?  It's useful content that works to build relationships with subscribers while also giving you the ability to recommend paid products and services.

INTRODUCING...  The Magic Five

The MAGIC FIVE by Simon Hodgkinson

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been building your lists for a while now, you’re sure to find plenty of gold nuggets in the 'Magic Five' collection that will really help you out!

Armed with this exclusive and essential resource you'll:

  • Avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that plague most list builders.
  • Grow your lists, increase responses, and maximize clicks.
  • Make email writing faster and easier than ever before.

These proven templates will help you convince more subscribers to get "off the fence" and take action.

here's what's waiting for you in the 'Magic Five'
(including detailed instructions, subject line ideas + copy/paste templates)

#1 The 'News-Centered' Mailing
(Includes subject line swipes + a complete copy/paste template)

Your prospects' inboxes are full and they are constantly being exposed to ads and information. It means your email needs to break through the noise barrier. They need to get attention so that your prospects click on them.

And one way to do this is by entering the conversation that's already going on in your prospect's head. This is where the 'News-Centered Mailing' comes in to ride the coat tails of a current news story or event. And while you have their attention, you can smoothly transition from the news story to a soft pitch for your products or services. You'll discover how to do this perfectly in just three easy steps.

The 'News-Centered' Mailing

#2  The 'Greatest Hits' Mailing

With the Greatest Hits mailing sequence you'll discover the easiest way to provide useful information to your subscribers that will build your relationship, increase trust and deliver more responsive results for you.

Even better when you send out these greatest hits mailings, you'll be driving traffic to your sites, offers and promotional pages over a several day period, which multiplies your chances of a sale. Give your readers something to look forward to and get multiple opportunities to turn readers into buyer with this effective blueprint!

The 'Greatest Hits' Mailing

#3  The 'What I Use' Mailing
(Includes subject line swipes + a complete copy/paste template)

When subscribers think you're a reliable, trustworthy source of information they'll appreciate it when you make recommendations because it saves them time and lots of trial and error.  Some of your readers will also consider you a role model, so they want to follow in your footsteps to enjoy your success.  

And that's why a "What I Use" mailing works so well. All you have to do is create a list of the resources you regularly use and share these resources with your list.  Doing so provides good, useful content to your information-hungry subscribers and it’s also a great way to make non-pitchy sales!  (Just follow my 3 step formula)

The 'What I Use' Mailing

#4  The 'Contributor' Mailing

(Includes subject line swipes + a complete copy/paste template)

One of the best ways to engage your audience is to get them to partner with you on a project.  Doing so makes your subscribers feel important.  They’ll feel like a part of your team (as opposed to just feeling like some unknown, nameless, faceless subscriber). And when they feel special, they’re more likely to be loyal, responsive subscribers in the future.

Just follow this easy, three-step process for getting your subscribers to partner with you in a win-win joint venture…  It's super powerful and gives you additional benefits, such as free content, increased sales, a better bond with your subscribers and/or a bigger subscriber base.  Try it today!

The 'Contributor' Mailing

​​​​#5  The 'Welcome' Mailing

(Includes subject line swipes + a complete copy/paste template)

Here's the secret to building a responsive list: Work on your relationship with your subscribers from the moment they join your list. This 'Welcome' mailing template will show you exactly how to do it right.

You'll discover my super powerful method that pulls in higher open rates and 3 tips you can use right now that will encourage readers to eagerly anticipate your next email.  Plus how to fine tune your copy that will minimize unsubscribes. 

The 'Welcome' Mailing


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You'll discover how to create interest and desire, build up value, highlight the main benefits and overcome any objections. And you’ll learn exactly how to integrate these components into your messages along with a complete five-email sequence which hits every single one of these points and pushes prospects towards the buy buttons.

The 'Magic Five' POWERED EMAIL Marketing swipes ARE PROVEN TO DELIVER maximum RESULTS!

The bottom line is this: If you want to sell or promote anything via email, these 5 proven templates and my copy & paste swipe files, plus the extra bonuses can be your secret weapon for more opens, reads, clicks and sales!

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