Revealed:  12 Ways To Set Up Simple Passive Income streams and Bring In More Hands-Free Income For Your Business...  This Year, Next Year...  And Beyond!

There Are Two Options For Making More Money From Your Online Business:
You Can Work Harder Or You Can Work Smarter.
Which Do You Choose?

I’m not lazy... Really, I’m not. Just ask anyone who knows me, when the situation calls for it, I’m the hardest worker in the bunch.  But here’s the thing…  

When it comes to my business, I seek out the path of least resistance. I look for simple ways to make money. I look for “set it and forget it” strategies… because this way I have more time to do what I love.  And that means more time spent with friends, families & hobbies.

So how do I manage to make money while working as few hours as possible?

The Secret: by installing multiple passive income streams in my business (because why work hard when you don't have to?)  But...  What exactly am I referring to when I say “passive income?”  

Let’s break it down:

Passive = not actively participating in an activity to create a result.
Income = money received on a regular basis via work or investments.

“Passive Income” means you get money without actively working to earn it.  You get paid even when you’re not working on your business – nights, weekends, holidays.  This is truly the smartest “set it and forget” way to do business online as you'll ever find.

And the good news is that you've just found the one resource that's going to show you exactly how to do it.

How Do You Set Up Passive Income Streams 
That Really Work (So That You Don’t Have To)?

Passive Income Profits (P.I.P. for short) is a multi-module training course where you'll discover 12 DIFFERENT ways to create these life enhancing “set it and forget it” passive income streams from your website.  Inside each module you get a complete step-by-step blueprint that explains how to quickly set up and install your chosen income generating program.  

Each P.I.P. module covers these 3 areas:

1. Strategy:  Here you’ll get the answer to “What is it?” and together we'll go through a straightforward overview for the specific module's revenue generating plan and why it works.

2. System:  Here you’ll discover “How do I do it?” You’ll get step-by-step  instructions so you can put each of these strategies to work for you very quickly!

3. Shortcuts:  Here you get my time tested secrets - How to make the system even better, faster, easier and ultimately how to supercharge each plan with dozens of proven shortcuts, tips and tricks!

And just in case you’re wondering…  You don’t have to do everything I teach. For example, if module three doesn’t appeal to you, no worries – it’s not “required” to make everything else work.  Nonetheless, I don’t recommend you skipping any of the steps… because the cumulative effect of everything working together will really maximize your success! (Heck, you could even outsource the setup of these systems to other people and profit over and over again long-term from a small initial one-time investment.)

But, we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Here's why this is so important...

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Every Business Owner (Including You) should set Up Passive Income Streams...

  • 1
    Passive income gives you the freedom to make more money.
    If you’re trading time for dollars, then you can only ever make money when you’re actively working on your business. Your daily income is capped by however much you can make in 24 hours. When you set up a passive income stream, there is no cap. You create it once and profit for months or years to come.
  • 2
    Passive income returns a higher ROI of your time.
    If you trade time for dollars, you’ll only ever make $X amount of money for every hour you work. That may be $10, $25, or $50 (or more) per hour – but your income doesn’t go up unless you work more. With passive income, you get paid over & over (as more and more sales come in) from the same work.
  • 3
    Passive income lets you live the “dream lifestyle.”
    When you set up passive income streams, you’re not tied down. You can work where you want, when you want (even IF YOU WANT). You can spend more time doing the things you like with the people you love. Isn’t that what life is all about?
  • 4
    Passive income lets you grow your business more quickly.
    You make more money while working fewer hours, which frees up your time to install still more passive income streams. Plus, you can reinvest your profits right back into your business to make your business grow even more quickly!
  • 5
    Passive income covers you in an emergency.
    What if you got sick and couldn’t work tomorrow? Or maybe your spouse, children, or parents fall ill and require round-the-clock care. If you’ve created a passive income, then you’ll make money even if you can’t work. And that really lowers your stress and takes away your money worries.

Did the light bulb go on?

You can see why generating a passive income is so important!  And with Passive Income Profits, you'll discover every essential steps you need to take to turn just a few hours each month into a long-term passive income...

Check Out what's inside THEse 12 PROFIT MODULES...

Passive Income Profits is a 12-module collection where you will learn 12 DIFFERENT ways to create “set it and forget it” passive income streams from the SAME website.

Each module provides you with with step-by-step instructions that show you how to set up and install that particular income stream.

Here's What's Included...

Passive Income Profits - Special Edition

M.O.N.T.H.L.Y. Membership System

This first module reveals how to create a hands-free, profitable membership site using my proven "M.O.N.T.H.L.Y." system.

Discover how to create content that puts a profit in your pocket and keeps your customers coming back for more. Plus how to mine the gold that lays hidden in the backend of your site!

Evergreen E.M.A.I.L. System

Inside this module you’ll discover a full on autopilot system for turning your autoresponder into the best sales tool you own! 

You’ll learn how to attract targeted prospects to your lead page, get them to join your list in droves and then how to turn them into cash-paying customers who buy from you again and again!


Running a blog can be very profitable – It's also time consuming!

It’s why you'll love the Crowd-sourced B.L.O.G. system, where you’ll discover the secret to getting other people to create your content for you… for FREE! Let others do the work while you make the money – this exciting plan shows you how to do it!

Lead Magnets L.I.C.E.N.S.E. System

The Lead Magnets Licensing system is a super smart strategy that can DOUBLE UP your autopilot income streams FAST!

You’ll make a chunk of change every time you sell a license and you'll also create long term, passive income on the backend with embedded offers and recommendations in each lead magnet.

Selling R.E.S.E.L.L. Rights PLAN

Discover how to evaluate your existing products, choose a popular one, and license other people to resell that product.

You can rake in substantial money on the frontend and build a passive income machine behind it getting paid over and over from offers embedded in the products.  (Huge Potential!)

U.D.E.M.Y. Passive Income System

Video training is huge right now! People are making thousands upon thousands of dollars selling their video courses on Udemy.

And now you too can learn how to create a passive income using the U.D.E.M.Y. system –  It’s easier than you think, but there are a few big pitfalls to avoid, this proven plan will show you how.

K.I.N.D.L.E. Success System

You’ve probably heard the stories about people making a lot of money using Amazon’s Kindle platform. It’s true

And you’re about to find out the exact same tips, tricks and secrets these authors use to sell a lot of ebooks on Kindle – just think of what these strategies will do for you!

A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Profit System

This exciting system is all about setting up an affiliate program the smart way, and then finding marketing partners to sell your products for you in exchange for a commission.

Once you get this system in place, it runs hands-free.  At that point, you can just kick back and fill your coffers with cash!

Hands-Free C.O.U.R.S.E. Publishing

Imagine for a moment if you could take knowledge from other people and turn it into a tidy profit in YOUR pocket.  It's easy! 

Inside this eye-opening module you'll discover the real secrets to profiting from the expertise of others – and don't worry you don’t even have to know anything about the niche.

S.E.L.L. Wordpress Accessories

There are 37 million+ websites powered by Wordpress and a large percentage of those users are looking for faster, easier, and better ways to manage their websites.

Discover how to create and sell in-demand plugins, themes, and templates. (Without knowing how to write a single line of code)

Passive Income S.E.R.V.I.C.E. PLAN

Selling a service (like ghostwriting) can be a profitable business – but trading time for dollars isn’t a passive income strategy!

So consider this: what if you sold services, but you recruited a team of freelancers to do the actual work?  Yes that's right, now you can turn this business into a hands-free profit maker!

Quick & Easy S.T.O.R.E. Setup PLAN

This passive-income strategy is all about setting up a storefront on a platform like Zazzle or CafePress, that handles everything (payments, fulfillment, shipping).

Once your storefront is set up, all you have to do is sit back and collect the cash! Customers are going to love these products!

That’s a full year's worth of passive income strategies that are sure to boost your bottom line!

Now let me make an important point…  The strategies you’ll learn about inside Passive Income Profits work best if you already have a list (it doesn’t have to be a big list) and/or you know how to generate some traffic.  Essentially you need to understand "the basics" of doing business online...

...  There’s no fluff or 'filler' here, like how to set up a website.  I'll assume you already know that or can at least do a little free research if you don't.  But that means we get to dive straight into the exciting stuff.

Here’s why you’re going to LOVE Passive Income Profits…

Here’s what you’ll get with these 12 modules:

  • You’ll discover 12 surefire ways to turn a one-time setup into regular orders that can flow in for months or even years to come and irrespective of how hard you work!
  • You get the marketing strategies that are working right now – in 2019! No B.S., no outdated methods, no junk (all of these methods are tried, tested and up to the minute relevant).

  • You’ll discover how to build your business in the absolute simplest, yet most effective way possible!  I've taken the bumps in the road for you here so minimize the mistakes and eliminate the pitfalls.

  • You’ll get business-building information and marketing strategies that will work in ANY niche!

If you’re not absolutely chomping at the bit right now to grab your copy of these strategies, then you haven’t read a word of this letter!

For those who’ve read it, I know you’re stoked. You want to get going RIGHT NOW. But you have one question…  How Much Is It?  Ready for a big ol’ grin to cross your face and refuse to leave?

Download The Entire 12-Module Passive Income Profits And Instantly Access Over 200 Pages Of Step-By-Step "Set It And Forget It" Systems...

Get Yours Now At This Special Introductory Offer Price...

These modules were originally developed for a 12-month membership site at $20 per month. At that price point, your investment would be $240 for the entire package. And, to be honest, that would've been very fair...  

...  But for a limited time you can download the entire collection for just $47

Passive Income Profits

Life is hard. But running a simple online business doesn’t need to be. So Grab Passive Income Profits now to discover how to create 12 simple “set it and forget it” streams of passive income! Work smarter, not harder!

And lET me sweeten the deal further with SIX awesome fast action bonuses that are going to make your life even easier...

These 'extras' aren't essential to the course but they are essential to running an online business.  They'll save you more time, they'll help you eliminate mistakes you might be making and they'll help you put even more money in your pocket...

Autopilot Selling With Presell Reports That Boost Commissions & Conversions.

Your Secret Salesmen

What happens if you toss a sales page or affiliate promotion in front of a targeted audience? You make some sales if your offer and sales copy are both good. But it’s also likely that up to 98% or even 99% of your prospects will leave without hitting the “buy now” button.

The good news is, you can improve your conversion rates, get more exposure and traffic to your offers and quadruple your sales using targeted 'presell reports' -- This guide will take you step by step - What reports works best, exactly how to create them and how to craft calls to action that will instantly get prospects clicking through to your pages.

10 Psychological Triggers That Get More Clicks, More Subscribers & More Sales

Sales Triggers

To start getting more subscribers and sales, you need to understand why your prospects behave the way they do, what they’re thinking, and how you can get them to act in a desired way.

And that’s exactly what you’re about to discover in this mini course, where we’ll look at ten psychological sales triggers you use these triggers in your sales letters, blog posts, newsletters and more.

You can use them to get more subscribers, get sales, get referrals… or whatever else you need to grow your business.

BOOST Your Business Growth Leveraging Other Peoples' Lists, Traffic & Assets.

Deals System

Have you ever noticed all the marketers in your niche partnering up and making a whole lot of money together? Sometimes they create products together, sometimes they do promotions together.

If you’re smart, you’ll want to get a piece of this sort of action for yourself. You can just about imagine how quickly your business will grow when you leverage other peoples’ lists, traffic and assets.

That’s exactly what you’re about to discover. Inside this mini course you’ll be learning all about the art & science of landing lucrative Joint Venture DEALS.

10 Ways To Increase The Perceived Value Of Digital Products For Massive Profits

Perception Profits

If there’s one word that’s been overused in certain circles (especially the internet marketing niche), it’s the word “ebook.”  Everyone is giving away ebooks. You’ll see ‘em for dirt-cheap on $1 PLR websites.

The end result? The word “ebook” is all to often associated with junk.  It's essential you learn how to properly refer to and 'package' digital content.

This mini course will show you how to quickly and easily 'repackage for perception' all your digital products, how to add instant value and appeal leading to high conversions, more authority in your niche and bigger profits!

And Here's a little something extra fOR yOUR dESKTOP that could save you heaps of time... 

How To Seeker

And I'm giving you this because I just want to make you go "wow!"

You Won't Believe It Till You Try It!

Get Your Copy Of Passive Income Profits Right Now And Get Instant Access To All 6 Valuable Extra Bonuses

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