Private Label Marketer Pack


This brand new Private Label Rights 'Marketer Pack - Volume #1' offers an incredible opportunity for smart marketers to save both time and money. To get an instant head start in the info-publishing industry or to rapidly grow your existing publishing business with not one but ten in-demand Internet Marketing/ Business titles.

Over $15,000 Worth Of Premium Content For Just Pennies On The Dollar - Check Out What's Included...

Affiliate Marketing Master

Affiliate Marketing Master
Content:  53 Pages / 13,200 Words

Everyone dreams of being financially comfortable, making enough money each month to pay the bills without worrying and indulge themselves in all of the little "extras"

This exciting guide helps your readers find the affiliate products with the most profit potential and walk them through everything including how to design an effective promotional website - They'll then get the key steps to making tons of money from promoting these products.

Going Viral

Going Viral
Content:  53 Pages / 11,800 Words

This amazing book reveals the secret strategies behind viral marketing success and making money online.

The book offers a proven, step by step process that guides readers through the world of viral promotion and how it can make them huge profits.  Everything inside comes from direct real world experience and so it eliminates the entire trial & error process for your readers.  If they need more traffic or a quick income boost then look no further.

Copywriting Kickstart

Copywriting Kickstart
Content:  87 Pages / 16,100 Words

One of the cornerstones behind any successful online business is the ability to communicate effectively and trigger emotional responses from potential customers.

Your readers need to know how to accomplish this and this book will help them master the most powerful low resistance sales letter tactics. Boost their copywriting skills and increasing their conversion rates and income. Packed with hype free copywriting ideas that work!

Public Speaking Pro

Public Speaking Pro
Content:  59 Pages / 10,500 Words

In the age of social media one of the best ways to grow a business is to speak live. Learning to become a public speaker can grow your business at an exponential rate. And even better is that every time you speak you can record your words and use them to promote your business, or even turn them into products to sell.

This essential book gives readers a proven system to become super public speakers in record-breaking time.

Instant Traffic Tactics

Instant Traffic Tactics
Content: 55 Pages / 9,500 Words

If your readers haven't achieved the success they deserve with their online businesses then chances are they're just not getting enough traffic.  You can have a great product, be the best at providing the type of service available in your niche, yet fail miserably when you launch your site all due to lack of traffic. 

This book reveals the strategies to making more cash, gaining exposure and permanently increasing traffic!

Joint Venture Marketing Master

JV Marketing Master
Content: 53 Pages / 7,200 Words

This ground breaking guide reveals how your readers can get all the JV partners they could ever want without spending a dime to get them!

Once inside they'll learn how to get traffic to their site as soon as today, how to stop paying for sales before they're made, where to find people interested in promoting their products and services and how to completely eliminate the need for expensive ads.

Blogging For Profit

Blogging For Profit
Content: 44 Pages / 9,500 Words

What do you do if you want to start generating brand awareness but don't want to spend a fortune to do it? Simple, you start a blog for your product/service so people can learn more about your business!

But this can be a hard thing to do right and may actually seem impossible for someone that doesn't know what they're doing. This is where this book comes in and takes your readers by the hand showing them how to succeed and blog for maximum success.

Awesome Advertising Ideas

Awesome Advertising Ideas
Content: 53 Pages / 9,500 Words

It is no secret that we'd all like free advertising for our businesses because that means free money! However, free advertising opportunities are rare.

So what your readers need is a strategic marketing plan for their product or service! The good news is that's exactly what this easy to follow, simple to apply collection of strategies does. It'll take your readers by the hand to show them how to succeed through word of mouth advertising and compete with top brands.

Info-Product Profits

Info-Product Profits
Content: 73 Pages / 17,400 Words

Finally an easy way to create digital products without any of the heavy lifting. Give your readers the real inside track on the best product creation strategies around today.

And show them how they can create products in less than 24 hrs using 8 secret product creation techniques. Make more money, get more exposure, build authority and permanently boost income with a digital download empire - With this book it's easier than they think!

Creative Marketing Playbook

Creative Marketing Playbook
Content: 79 Pages / 11,600 Words

Breakthrough creative marketing strategies! For most marketers it's time to start thinking outside of the box and to start marketing their business in new directions to bring new clients in regardless of if they're running a brick-and-mortar business or an online business.

This illuminating book reveals 11 easy ways to start increasing customer growth along with a complete 'Laundry List' of money getting tactics your readers can use right now.

That's 10 Instant Best Sellers To Rake In The Profits With... Starting Today!

Each title is approximately 10,000 to 15,000 (around 50-80 pages) of professionally edited and expertly formatted text. The books are provided in MS Word .DOCX format along with download-ready .PDF format.  

These books are high quality, easy to make money with titles that are not only packed with cutting edge information from an industry leading expert but they're also products you'll be ultimately proud to put your name on.  And best of all, you get 10 never before licensed books giving you a steady supply of products to release for months ahead!

Seriously, do you think you'd be considered more of an expert, that you'd generate more sales and get far more recognition across multiple different niches when you release a product or launch a best seller every few weeks?

Sure you would! And that's what you can do with these "Niche Pack" products! Talk about prolific product creation!

If you price your products at just $20.00 each and sell only one of each of these 10 product each week, that would be a total of 10 sales per week or 520 sales each year times $20 equals a whopping $10,400 and if you adopt my profit strategies inside "PLR Profit Secrets" that you'll get for free (see below) it could be significantly more...

...  Now clearly I am not saying you'll have that kind of success, I ethically can not. Heck you may not sell anything at all! But if you think you can put your 10 new products on a site like ClickBank or JVZoo and sell just one of each product once a week then that is the kind of success you may experience.

You may sell more!   And  think about the customer lists you'll be able to build in multiple different niche markets that you'll also now be able to sell other backend offers or affiliate products to!   When you consider the true potential the income possibilities of owning and selling your own digital products is truly staggering.

Includes 10 Professionally Designed, Awesome Looking Cover Graphics In Editable Photoshop (.PSD) Format...

An Extra $2,500 Value Included FREE! Professionally Designed Book Cover Graphics and Fully Editable Mock-Ups In Photoshop .PSD and .PNG Image Formats Are Included For Every Title

Includes 100 Expertly Written Content Articles/Posts You Can Use To Promote The Books Or Combine With Them (10 x Articles Per Book)

That's An Extra $2,500 Worth Of Great Content Included FREE! Use these articles on social media to promote your new books or turn them into short promotion YouTube videos. (An easy way to brand you as the expert and drive traffic to your sites) You can add them to your blogs to boost search engine activity and engage with new potential buyers - Or weave extra content into your books, expanding them and creating something completely unique to you.

10 Articles (approx. 600 words each) per book = 100 articles in total included.

Here are just a few of the incredible benefits you can take advantage of right now:

DO A "SUPER FAST LAUNCH" - This is the easiest and most no-brainer way to make quick cash from your products. Grab the book, slap your name on it and create a quick sales letter or sales video and start selling this week.

BUILD AN INFO-PRODUCT EMPIRE - Integrate the books into your business and backend, cross sell and up sell them to existing customers to maximize lifetime value of your customers! This is how you truly start making a fortune online! All you have to do is market to existing customers!

SUB-NICHIFY THE CONTENT! - You're free to edit the content or rework the books in any way you choose and could quickly re-imagine the training to suit specialized sub-niche markets. Customize them for your audience and raise your prices to match. There is a lot of awesome info here that can be customized easily for both online or off.

ADD THE BOOK(S) TO A MEMBERSHIP SITE. - The content inside these courses is choc full of useful information. Any of it would be a valued asset in a niche membership site. You get 10 books in total, some complimentary and easily enough for a membership site or a year's worth of content/articles ready to drip deliver every month.

CREATE AN ONLINE OR OFFLINE COACHING PROGRAM. - Incorporate the courses as part of an online coaching program or even a local offline class for people in your area. Use the courses as the core training and add your own 'assignments' or 'hand-outs' based around it.

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ULTIMATE LICENSE FLEXIBILITY! The extended license rights offers you dozens of profit options:

You can go easy/direct and simply resell all 10 of these books exactly 'as is' in either print or digital format. You can sell at any price you choose. You can include the titles in a paid membership site or use them as affiliate bonuses to boost your commissions. You can edit the content (add to/remove/combine content) as required. Claim full authorship. We've included 'all languages' translation rights at no extra cost. And you are free to re-purpose the content for video, audio (including podcast/broadcasting/live streaming)...

In short ANYTHING except resell/transfer the white label license to others: To protect the value of these titles, you may not pass on any kind of rights to your customers. This means that your customers may not have resell, master resell, white label or private label reprint/rights passed on to them. Nor can you use any content from these courses as part of another Private Label product/offer.

You are not permitted to give these courses away in their current 'as-is' format for free - they must be sold directly or offered as a bonus to a paid product. They must be edited, renamed and fully re-branded to be given away. You may only claim copyright to these courses or any derived product / offering developed from them after you have made substantial changes (50% minimum) to distinguish your offering from other license owners.

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