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You’ve Got A Great Product … It’s Time To Get More People To Buy It.

Question: What’s the Biggest Stumbling Block Between Your Prospect And Your Order Button?

Answer: Your Price Tag!

Whether you’re overpricing or under pricing, you can be sure your pricing strategy is significantly influencing your sales (or lack thereof)...

...  Read on to discover the keys to finding the pricing sweet spot that makes it easy for customers to say “Yes” and rush to your order form:

This is a familiar story…

A prospect in search of a solution arrives at a sales page and begins sizing up an offer. They’re interested. The product being described sounds like the help they are seeking, the difference-maker they are beginning to believe will solve their problem, enable them to reach their goal, or equip them to better enjoy their interest.

Their mouse is hovering over the “buy” button … and then they see the price. They wrinkle their nose and furrow their eyebrows. They second-guess the buying decision, mutter an excuse to themselves, and click away. Just like that, the sale was lost. Probably forever.

It’s a familiar story. But here’s the question for you to consider: is it YOUR story?

Pricing is THE #1 FACTOR for many people when deciding “to buy or not to buy”.

It’s the biggest barrier between your prospect and your order button. It’s the biggest barrier between helping others with your product and leaving them in the same state they were in when they found your site. It’s the biggest barrier between maximizing your profit and leaving money on the table that you could be putting to good use in your life.

Many people simply won’t buy your product … even believing the product will help them … if your pricing strategy is wrong. That’s no good for anyone. Because your goal is to help as many people as possible while making a good living doing it. And that’s never going to happen until you learn how to price a product that accomplishes both of those goals. Point is…

If you like the idea of helping as many people as you can while generating as much profit as possible, then here’s something you’re going to find extremely helpful…

Introducing: Pricing For ProfitYour Guide To Achieving More Profit While Assisting More People


The Pricing For Profit course, which shows you a proven system for achieving more profit while assisting more people through higher price points, more frequent purchases, and better conversions. The Pricing For Profit course is a no-fluff, quick-read curriculum that walks you through ten lessons for identifying the key pricing objections your prospects are using to talk themselves out of buying your product.

When you download the Pricing For Profit course below, you will…

  • Learn exactly what steps you can take right now to overcome pricing objections so that your customers will buy your products which enables you to make more money and make more of a difference in the lives of other people.
  • Get dozens of tips, ideas and examples for determining the perfect P.R.I.C.E. for your offer, winning more customers through a smart pricing strategy, and making more money with better conversions and higher prices.
  • Complete end-of-lesson "assignments" that will walk you through the actual steps of optimizing your pricing strategy!  As you work your way through the curriculum, you will learn how to avoid under pricing or over pricing, how to get your customers to choose your higher-priced options (for your profit and their good), and how to make more money with simple pricing tweaks… plus much more. See below for the complete details.

Here's Exactly What’s Included…

By using the insights in this course, you can make more money with your business simply by knowing exactly what to charge so your customers will know they’re getting a great deal.

Hint: you’ll do it by offering a lot of value at a fair price for them and a really profitable one for you… everyone wins! So, with that in mind, here’s a sneak peek at the strategy and what all you get inside this course…

Lesson One

What To Offer If You Want To Charge $19.97, $47, $97, $197 Or $997 Per Order

Here’s a common mistake a lot of product creators make:

They build this beautiful package of products or create a course, and then they slap a price on it without even giving it much thought. And then they’re surprised when their conversions are poor or their refunds are high. In some cases, they’re leaving a lot of money on the table without even realizing it.

That’s why over the next 10 lessons you’re going to learn absolutely everything you need to know about pricing your course or product package for maximum profit. And we’re going to start by looking at what your customers generally expect to get when they pay a variety of price points from $19.97 to $997.

Lesson Two

Five Factors That Will Help You Determine The Perfect P.R.I.C.E. Point

Here’s the big question: how much should you charge for your course?

If you charge too little, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. If you charge too much, your conversions may suffer or your refunds may soar. After all, you want to accomplish two important things that are directly affected by your price… achieve as much profit as possible for your business and assist as many people as possible with your products.

That’s why you’re going to want to use the following formula for picking the perfect P.R.I.C.E. point:

P – Product
R – Results
I – Income
C – Competitors
E – Extras

This lesson unpacks the formula and shows you how to put it to work for you!

Lesson Three

The Two Major Pitfalls Of Pricing To Avoid At All Costs (See What I Did There?)

When it comes to pricing, there are two major mistakes you can easily make: under pricing and over pricing. Both of them can be detrimental to your business.

Sidebar: Let me share a simple, but staggering truth with you. Many people price themselves out of business by charging too little for their products. There simply isn’t enough volume for most people to make a sustainable living with the low-price, “Wal-Mart” model. At the $10 price point it would take 10,000 sales to generate six-figure revenue. For most people that is simply not a realistic option … and certainly couldn’t be sustained for the long-term. And that’s just the “under pricing” reality. What about “over pricing”? These are both big problems that destroy many sellers. That’s why this course will help you figure out where to land on price point so that you get sustainable orders.

And inside this lesson you’ll find out what signs to look for in your business that might mean you’re making one of these two big mistakes. Then, we’ll address how to correct them!

Lesson Four

Don’t Lower Prices … Add Value Instead (With 5 Ways To Up Your Offer)

Boosting the value of your offer delivers a deluge of benefits to you, from bigger profits to happier customers. Question is, how do you do raise the value? The answer: you add the following items to your product in order to increase value:

  • Creatives
  • Coaching
  • Community
  • Case Studies
  • Check Lists

And inside this lesson you'll find out exactly what these items are and how to quickly and easily use them to increase the value of your product.

Lesson Five

7 Ways To Win More Customers By Handling Price Objections

Unless you're selling your course dirt cheap (which you shouldn't be), there's going to be a percentage of your prospects who are going to object to the price. It's the big barrier, right? This objection will come out in the following ways:

  • It's too expensive.
  • I can't afford it.
  • That's a lot of money when I'm not even sure it will work for me.

Inside this lesson you'll discover seven ways to effortlessly handle these objections and get your prospects clicking on your "buy now" buttons because they are pleased with what you are offering at the price you are offering it.

Lesson Six

The One No-Brainer Strategy That Directly Affects Your Bottom Line

Pssst …

Let me share a secret to creating more profitability with your pricing strategy. But first, let me share what is typical for most product sellers.  When a lot of business owners start considering their pricing strategy, they very narrowly focus on ONE price.

For example, if they’re selling a course, then they do their research and testing to see whether the course sells better at $67, $97 or some other price.

In other words, they’re looking for the most profitable price. But there’s another way to create more profitability with your pricing strategy: offer multiple price points.

You can’t do this randomly, or your sales will suffer. Instead, use the strategy outlined inside this exciting lesson, and you’ll make a whole more money every time someone takes advantage of your offer.

Lesson Seven

4 Ways To Justify Your Pricing Through Cost Comparisons So Your Customers “Get It”

Whether your price is high or low (important … I didn’t say TOO high or TOO low), you need to justify it to your prospects if you want to close the sale.

Example: What should you do if your price point is lower than your competition? What should you tell your prospects if your product is higher than your competition? Knowing how your price compares to other similar products … and justifying that price … is key to getting orders. And that’s just one of the options unpacked in this lesson about using comparisons favorably for your business.

This lesson shows you four powerful ways to use comparisons to get your customers setting aside their pricing objections and clicking on your order button because they “get” why your price is what it is and agree that it is worth it.

Lesson Eight

The Reason Why Customers Should Pay Your Asking Price

You’ve got a great offer. A prospect is hovering over your sales letter, taking it all in. They pause. They almost click the order button, but then they back out. They’re re-reading your sales letter as if searching for something.

What are they searching for? The answer…

They’re looking for a reason why they should pay what you’re asking.
They need a good, logical reason to buy.

Yes, people make a buying decision based on emotion, but we all need to justify it with logic. We should FEEL good about our buying decision and KNOW it was a worthwhile investment. You must show prospects why it’s a smart purchase for them so they are excited about what your product promises them (emotion) and believe their purchase is a good use of their money (logic).

And this lesson shows you how to give them what they’re looking for so you can start “achieving more profit while assisting more people.”

Lesson Nine

Six Simple Pricing Hacks To Help With Your Profitability

Inside this lesson you’re going to discover six simple yet little-known pricing hacks to boost profitability. They may be simple, but don’t let that fool you – they’re also extremely powerful.

Sidebar: Just to be clear, the word “hack” means a strategy or technique that improves efficiency or productivity. It’s a good thing. 

If you’re looking to boost your bottom line with quick and easy tweaks, then check out this lesson. Most of them can be put to work for you in ten minutes or less … the tiny investment of your time can generate significant results over time.

Lesson Ten

The Only Way To Know For Sure That You Have Optimized Your Pricing

When it comes to optimizing your pricing, you have two major goals:

  1. Maximize your profits.
  2. Make a difference in as many peoples' lives as possible.

A good pricing strategy will help you accomplish both of these things. But there's only ONE way to know for sure if you've optimized your pricing: you need to test it. And that's exactly what you'll find out how to do inside this profitable lesson.

Note: There is a testing mistake that many people make which is a total waste of time. Check out this lesson to learn what it is and avoid it.

It’s all about…

Achieving more profit and assisting more people.

As you can see, this is a short course that is jam-packed with meaty content you can use to get more people to buy from you … which ultimately helps you both. It’s only 54 pages long and each lesson is filled with “no-fluff, no-filler” content that shares what you need to know in an “easy-to-understand, easy-to-use style“. I’ll even let you download one of the lessons to “test drive” the content…

Many people price themselves out of business. Whether that’s over pricing or under pricing, the result is the same … they don’t last long in making money for themselves or making a difference for others. The good news is: you don’t have to figure this out by yourself. You can download this course now and take a very quick and profitable shortcut to pricing success for your good and the good of other people. Bottom line…

This course is designed to help you

“achieve more profit and assist more people.”

This is what the course is all about…

Prospects arriving at your site and sizing up your order … they’re interested. They believe your product is what they have been searching for. They hover over the “buy” button … and then they see the price. Their eyes light up. They smile. They click to place the order.

Let’s make that YOUR story.


Here’s the part where you are the prospect that is at my site. And you’re excited about the Pricing For Profit course. You’re interested. You believe it can help you. But, you’re wondering…

How Much Is It?

Get ready to smile…

Pricing For Profit Is Only $19.97

54-Page PDF Available For Immediate Download
If This Course Helps You Get Just One More Sale Or Gives You The Strategy You Need To Start Charging More For Your Products, It More Than Pays For Itself!

Achieve More Profit. Assist More People.
Download Your Copy Below And Get Started Today!

Like I said…

If this course helps you get just one more sale or gives you the strategy you need to start charging more for your products, it more than pays for itself.

But believe me when I tell you that my goal is not “just one more sale.” My goal for this course is to help you completely rethink and re-strategize how you price your products so you make more money and help more people over the coming lifetime of your business.

If that objective doesn’t make the low-cost of Pricing For Profit “worth it” to you, then simply don’t order. Your $19.97 not spent isn’t going to make that much of a difference to me. But not buying Pricing For Profit could make a big difference to you and it could prevent you from making a big difference to your new customers.

You just need to decide for yourself if you are satisfied with what you know about pricing and how well your pricing strategy is working for you right now? Maybe you don’t need any help at all. Maybe this course isn’t for you. Secretly, I doubt that … otherwise you probably wouldn’t have read this far.

So, if you realize what this course can mean to you and your business and the impact you make on others through additional sales of your products, grab a copy of Pricing For Profit. You’ve got a couple of easy-to-choose-from options…



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If you would like to SELL this package and keep 100% of every order.  This is the option for you! When you order the PLR license you will get this course in editable .docx format for you to rebrand and sell as your own. You will also get a sales page in .docx format and an editable cover graphic in .psd/.png formats. Simply format it to match your current site design, insert your order button, and you‘re ready to take orders! Sell just a handful of copies and you‘ll have your investment returned. Everything else is pure profit! Note: There are no refunds for PLR licensing.  PLR to my courses is normally $297+ … your price for the PLR license to this course today is only $97.

Regardless of the option you choose, it’s time to get going! Get started now by picking the option that’s right for you:


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Your Private Label License Explained:

What exactly can you do with the lessons in this course? Everything from selling them, giving them away, or both (best option!). Here are some ideas to get you started thinking about how to use these lessons to get more traffic, more subscribers and more sales:

1. Build your list by converting some of the course content into a high-quality lead magnet.

2. Use the individual lessons as ready-made blog posts. (Smart option: Share 1-2 as free blog posts and upsell the whole set as your course for $19.97)

3. Prepare a webinar by using the lessons as the basis of your training. (Free webinar or paid webinar!)

4. Provide your clients with copies of the course as part of their coaching with you (or use the course as the foundation for your unique coaching program).

5. Add part or all of the lessons into your membership site for members to access.

6. Offer the course as a bonus to those who purchase another offer from you. (Or as an upsell or OTO.)

7. Convert individual lessons into an autoresponder sequence. (Tip: Give the first 3 for free and upsell the rest!)

8. Setup your own 10-week coaching class for $497+. Each lesson in the course already includes an “assignment” to complete!

9. Present any other kind of “free offer” such as slide presentation videos and infographics.

10. Develop any other kind of “paid offer” such as 10-day challenges and physical products.

The only thing you can’t do is pass on any kind of rights to other people. This means that your subscribers, customers, and affiliates/partners may not have PLR rights, reprint / resell rights, or giveaway rights passed on to them. Nor can you pass on any kind of rights / licensing to any offer created from any portion of this content that would allow additional people to sell or give away any portion of the content contained in this license.

Only YOU can sell or give away the content when you purchase a this private label license.

Get started now by picking the option that’s right for you:


Personal Use


The Course In PDF Format
(For your personal reading)

You MAY NOT sell/give away the content in any way

only $19.97


Plr license


Course In .Docx Format, Editable Cover Graphic,
Sales letter in Editable Docx Format

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