We No Longer Recommend ConvertKit!

In Our Direct Experience ConvertKit Has Proven Itself Incompatible For Use By Internet Marketers and Affiliate Marketers...

We very rarely express our opinion in this way and publicly 'out' a company's poor performance.  Nor do we usually advise people NOT to use a specific service.  We prefer to simply highlight better services and let the market vote with it's wallet.  Essentially, we're always happy to give service providers the benefit of the doubt and allow for second chances...

...  But after directly experiencing ConvertKit's shockingly poor customer service and it's arbitrary policy of account suspension and closure (without proper explanation or recourse) we can only assume it is driven by their elitist attitude or ignorance driven distaste for our industry - And it's now documented and retained for future reference scandalous remarks and attitude towards the hardworking and industrious people within it.  

At DigitalWebRocket we champion Internet Marketers.  We respect greatly anyone's desire to find success as Affiliate Marketers, as Ecommerce Builders and Entrepreneurs.  And with this group firmly at the top of our priority list, we chose to withdraw our previous public endorsement and publish this warning to advise our audience and friends who feel the same way to avoid using or also recommending ConvertKit going forward.

Statement Issued:  May 9th 2019

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