“If You’ve Ever Wanted to Create a Highly Profitable Webinar, But You Didn’t Know Where to Start… Here’s Your Solution!”

This package of ten tools and resources will show you exactly how to impress your audience, fill your webinar seats, and generate loads of post-webinar sales! Take a look…

Webinar Profits Toolkit

But First Here Are Five Reasons Why Savvy Marketers Use Webinars – And Why You Should Too...

Relationship Building

Webinars are great for relationship-building. Whether you want to introduce yourself to a niche, establish yourself as an authority, or just develop better relationships with your market, a webinar is a great way to do it.

High Perceived Value

Webinars enjoy a high perceived value. That means they’re valued much more than your run-of-the-mill ebook, so people will pay more attention to your webinar than to just about any other type of information you present!

Webinar Profits Toolkit

Lead Generation

Webinars are great lead-generation tools. People who are willing to spend 30-90 minutes of their time with you tend to be well-qualified prospects, which makes your webinar subscriber list very valuable!

Preselling Prospects

Webinars are great preselling tools. You get anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to warm your audience up and put them in a buying state of mind… you can bet they’ll hit the “buy now” button just as soon as the webinar is over!

Fast Way To Create Products

Holding a webinar is a fast way to create a product. You prep for your webinar, you spend 30-90 minutes delivering the content, and then you’ll have a recording that you can sell or distribute for months or years to come!

Introducing The

"Webinar Profits Toolkit"

Stunning Collection Of 10 Super-Useful Templates, Swipes, Checklists, How-To Guides and More That Makes Creating Your Own Webinars Faster, Easier and More Profitable Than Ever Before!

"By the time you read about all these strategies and put these tools and templates to work for you, you’ll know exactly how to create impressive, profitable webinars that your viewers are sure to love!"

These 10 tools make light work of creating a webinar. You’ll get everything from help with creating your webinar script and slides, to marketing tips to fill your webinar seats!

End result?  A bigger list, more sales, and more revenue flowing through the backend of your business!

If you’re liking the sounds of those benefits, then take a look below at what you'll get inside this essential kit of 10 tools and resources…

Webinar Profits Toolkit

The 14 Day Guide to Creating Your First Profitable Webinar

This 14-day planner shows you exactly what you need to do every day to create your webinar. Steps include creating content, getting your lead page up, building anticipation in your audience and much more. This planner makes webinar creation surprisingly easy, it helps you get organized, and keeps you on track!

How To Create High Converting Product Pitch Webinars

One of the keys to having a successful webinar is to share a high-converting product pitch during the event with the goal of generating a lot of sales.

This checklist guide covers how to choose the right products to promote, mastering your webinar flow and delivering the perfect product offer...

10 Point Checklist For Creating Awesome Webinars

When you’re getting ready to host a webinar, you want to ensure it goes off without a hitch. You’re looking to fill those seats and generate a lot of sales on the backend. 

You’ll want to use this 10-point checklist to make sure you have all the essential ingredients in place. You might be surprised by how many of these 10 pieces you’re currently overlooking!

15 Content Recipes That Will Impress Your Attendees

You’re going to love these 15 proven "content recipes" that are guaranteed to keep attendees engaged, impressed, and staying on your webinar right to the very end!

You’ll learn about the VSL webinar, a Fear-Logic-Gain webinar, the Live Proof webinar, the “Ways To” webinar, the Group-Coaching webinar…  Plus+ 10 more proven ways to put on an awesome event!

50 Smart Ways To Promote Webinars To Max Capacity

You’ve got a great idea for an awesome webinar. You just know your attendees will love it.

But what you need to do next is fill those seats

And that’s exactly what you’ll find out how to do with these 50 ideas for generating a ton of excitement and sign-ups for your next webinar!

Fill-In-The-Blanks 'How To' Webinar Script Template

The most popular types of webinars is the training webinar, where you teach attendees how to complete a specific process or achieve a goal...

...  You get a complete fill-in-the-blank template you can use to create this type of webinar faster and easier than ever - Just fill in the blanks!

(Hint: this template alone is worth the entire price of this package – if you hired a ghost writer to create your script, you’d pay ten times as much!)

Email Swipes To Build Pre-Webinar Excitement & Post-Webinar Sales

When you’re planning a webinar, there are two things you need to do with your mailing lists:

1.Create pre-webinar excitement.
2.Generate post-webinar sales.

Inside you’ll find 10 email swipes created by a seven figure copywriter you can use as your own.

5 Fill-In-The-Blank Webinar Sign-Up Page Templates To Maximize Sign-Ups

You’re excited about your webinar with visions of folks signing up like crazy and filling every seat. 

Reality?  You struggle to get a handful of sign ups.

It happens all the time.  But not for you, because you'll be able to deploy these 5 fill-in-the-blank landing page templates to maximize your opt-ins.

How To Create Awesome Slides For Your Webinar

Do you have any idea how important it is to create a set of good slides for your webinar? If you get this part wrong, you’re going to have people slumping over in boredom during your webinar. They’ll hang up. And they’ll take their potential sales with them.

That’s why you want to create amazing slides that will keep your audience hooked, engaged and paying attention. And that’s exactly what this step-by-step guide will show you how to do!

5 Worksheets To Plan A Successful Webinar

One of the keys to creating a successful webinar is to plan every step of it carefully. The more you know about the who, what, how and why of your webinar, the better your overall end results will be.

Want to kick start your planning?  

Use these 5 worksheets to determine:  Who is your audience…why you're doing a webinar…what to sell on the backend… what content to include in your presentation… and how to best position it.

Who Is The 'Webinar Profits Toolkit' For?

In today’s social-media-driven business climate, trying to market any kind of business without doing webinars is like trying to drive a car without wheels!  Darn thing will make a lot of noise, but you won’t get anywhere fast!

So whatever you do or plan to do, online (or off) including ecommerce (B2B/B2C), affiliate marketing, authoring, publishing, coaching, consulting, product creation, service provision and small business owners...  Webinars can help you grow and profit more!

Who Is The 'Webinar Profits Toolkit' For

Sounds good, right? You’re getting this entire package of ten tools and resources to make light work of creating your next successful webinar.

And I know one thing for certain:

I know you WANT to do webinars.

Webinar Profits Toolkit

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to start enjoying the benefits of a bigger email list and the increased profits that webinars can deliver for your business...  

...  And as you've now seen, the incredible "Webinar Profits Toolkit" is going to shortcut the learning curve and give you the tools and resources you need to create them the fast, easy and profitable way!  This kit of ten awesome resources and tools is just what you need to get your first webinar up and running the right way.

But you have just one question lurking in the back of your mind…

How Much Is It?

This is going to put a huge smile on your face.  Because if you act right now, you can get everything you see on this page for just $47.

Think about it and you’ll quickly realize this is an amazing deal. That’s just $4.70 for each of the 10 tools and resources.

When was the last time you got something this valuable for less than five bucks for each piece?

Take the landing page templates which are included in this kit. If you had a pro copywriter create your landing page, you’d be out at least a couple hundred bucks (and probably a whole lot more).

But order this package now, and you get FIVE templates for one low price… plus everything else mentioned on this page!

These tools and resources are going to save you a TON of time and money, so order now below…

Order now to get this entire package for just $47 $27!

This package is worth every penny of the $47 price tag. But why pay more when you don’t have to? If you’re quick, you can grab this package of 10 webinar tools and resources for just $27 – that’s only $2.70 per resource!

You won’t find a better deal around, so get yours now while you still can:


Personal Use Only

Download the kit for your own personal use:  For one low price, you can immediately download everything mentioned above in .PDF format to read on your computer, favourite device, or print out and keep but you can’t share it with others, sell it or publish / distribute in any way. This is incredible value when you consider what's included for $47 just $27


Private Label Rights (PLR)

If you would like to SELL this kit and keep 100% of every order.  This is the option for you! When you order the PLR license you will get this toolkit in editable .docx format for you to rebrand and sell as your own. You will also get a professionally crafted sales letter in .docx format and editable cover graphic in .psd/.png formats. Simply format it to match your brand, insert your order button, and you‘re ready to take orders! For a complete list of ideas on what you can do with this PLR, see below.  No refunds for PLR licensing. 

PLR to my courses is normally $197>$497 … Your 'Early Bird' deal on the PLR license SEE BELOW.

Choose Your Preferred Option Below:


Personal Use


The Toolkit In PDF Format
(For your personal reading)
You MAY NOT sell/give away the content in any way



Plr license


Toolkit In .Docx Format, Editable Cover Graphic,
Sales letter in Editable Docx Format
You MAY sell this as your own



First-Rate, Superior-Quality Content That’s Ready-To-Sell As Your Own!

DigitalWebRocket Premium Quality PLR Licenses

Our licensed products are positioned around evergreen, in-demand topics and then professionally researched to deliver goal-focused learning based on proven business strategies. We ensure everything is presented and structured to aid the progress of the student and always loaded with actionable ideas backed by easy to follow examples. All titles are edited, proofed and meticulously formatted so what you get is "ready-for-sale” from the second you download it and add your branding. 

Of course you can further change things up or modify as you choose, but if you seek simplicity then you won't need to make any edits. It’s good to go and typically you can go from download to making sales in less than a day.

Your one-time investment in this license authorizes you to keep everything you earn using this content for life. There are no further fees or royalties due. You are also entitled to reposition, multi-format and translate the content as you wish, meaning your ROI on this license can be considerable over the lifetime of it's use. And while we cannot guarantee that you'll make anything from purchasing this license (we don’t know you personally or know how you manage your business) what we do guarantee is that some license owners will benefit considerably and make money with it, being amongst that group of license owners is down to you.

Your Private Label License Explained:

What exactly can you do with the toolkit content included with this course?  

Everything from selling it, creating pre-sell lead magnets, or both (best option!)  Here are some ideas to get you started thinking about how to use this content to get more traffic, more subscribers and more sales:

1. Build your list by converting some of the toolkit into a high-quality lead magnet.

2. Use the individual elements as ready-made blog posts. (Smart option: Share 1-2 as free blog posts and upsell the whole toolkit at $27+)

3. Prepare a webinar by using the content as the basis of your training. (Free webinar or paid webinar and you could easily sell the full toolkit at the end of the webinar too!)

4. Provide your paid clients with elements of the toolkit as part of their coaching with you (or use the training part as the foundation for your unique coaching program).

5. Add part or all of the content into your membership site for members to access.

6. Offer the toolkit as a bonus to those who purchase another offer from you. (Or as an upsell or OTO.)

7. Convert individual lessons into an autoresponder sequence. (Tip: Give the first 3 for free and upsell the rest!)

8. Setup your own X-Day "Webinar Coaching" Class for $497+.

9. Present any other kind of “offer” such as slide presentation videos and info-graphics.

10. Develop any other kind of “paid offer” such as challenges and/or physical products.

The only thing you can’t do is pass on any kind of rights to other people. This means that your subscribers, customers, and affiliates / partners may not have PLR rights, reprint / resell rights, or giveaway rights passed on to them. Nor can you pass on any kind of licensing to any offer created from any portion of this content that would allow others to sell or give away the content contained in this license.  

Only YOU can sell or give away the content when you purchase a this private label license.

If you use this license to create your own unique product (or just resell 'as-is') and you make just a handful of sales, you’ll recoup your entire investment fast… and everything after that is profit in your pocket.

Simply put, this is one deal you can’t pass up.  Almost everyone who does webinars learned how to do them through costly (and often embarrassing!) trial and error. But not you!  And if you grab a PLR license, not your customers either...  Skip the learning curves by grabbing this toolkit today – and do it now while you can still take advantage of the launch discount!

You’re Guaranteed to Love It, Or You Get Your Money Back!

Webinar Profits Toolkit Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! You don’t have to say “yes” today. All you have to say is “maybe.” That’s because you have a full 30 days to review this package.

Read every lesson and every bonus, and put the information to work for you. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, simply contact me within 30 days for a full and prompt refund.

Please note that due to the nature of Private Label Rights products we do not extend this guarantee to PLR purchases with the exception of duplicate purchases.


Personal Use


The Toolkit In PDF Format
(For your personal reading)
You MAY NOT sell/give away the content in any way



Plr license


Toolkit In .Docx Format, Editable Cover Graphic,
Sales letter in Editable Docx Format
You MAY sell this as your own


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