Facebook marketing is gaining steam as business owners finally come to the realization that Facebook is where their customers are. But you can’t just create a Facebook business profile and hope to find success.

People aren’t going to just jump on your page the moment you sign up. You are going to have to optimize your profile, dress up your Facebook business page and you are going to have to interact with your audience like you never have before.

Then, you need to use Facebook Insights to measure your success.

What’s that? You’re not checking your Facebook analytics?

Here are 5 reasons why you should be paying attention to Facebook Insights every chance you get.

1. User Activity

Your Facebook marketing success is going to be gauged by how users interact with your business page. Facebook Insights allows you to gaze into the user activity on your page. You can see the total views, the individual tab views, and external referrers to your page and the total views of any multimedia you may have posted.

2. Facebook Marketing Interactions

When you post something on your page, maybe a question for your Facebook marketing audience, a photo or a video, you hope that your fans will Like or comment on that post. This sort of page interaction is what we are going to look at next.

With Facebook Insights, you can view your total post views, any post feedback, the number of times your post was shown in individual News Feeds and much more.

3. User Demographics

When you first begin Facebook marketing, you may notice that you get fans from all over the country and possibly the world. Facebook Insights allows you to see where your fan base originates from. You can view your daily activity by gender and age, the country of origin, cities, and the languages they speak.

4. Testing The Data

Any expert will tell you that true Facebook marketing starts with Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights won’t activate until you get at least 30 Likes to your page. When you receive your first set of metrics, use that information to tweak your Facebook presence.

If some posts are performing better than others, take a look at what you’re doing right and replicate your success.

5. Learn What Works

The bottom line is that Insights will show you were your Facebook marketing efforts are striking a chord with your audience and where they’re falling flat. Your page can only get better if you begin to use this information to create the ultimate Facebook marketing presence.

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Facebook marketing may rely heavily on Insights but there is much more to it. For more expert tips on how to market on the social giant like the best of them, take a look at our in-depth guide to Facebook Marketing Here [/su_note][su_spacer size=”20″]

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