Making Email Marketing Work!

Ask any savvy web business owner, and they’ll tell you that the profits lay hidden in your mailing list.  It’s no secret. In fact if I had a dollar for every time someone spouted that bit of wisdom, I’d probably have so much money it would make the Queen of England blush.

But while everyone knows the money is in the list, not everyone knows you should be building multiple lists.

So let me ask you – How many lists are YOU building?

Below you’ll find the three lists you should be building at an absolute minimum.

Take a look…

The Marketing Partners List

Your affiliates and joint venture partners are some of the most valuable relationships you have in your business. After all, one really good partner can add tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line. So you can bet it’s worth nurturing these relationships.

Plenty of marketers make the critical mistake of not getting their marketing partners on a mailing list. They rely on third-party services, or JV blogs even Facebook groups. And while all of those platforms are okay they are not enough.  You really need to have a list too so you can reach out by email when necessary.

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HINT: With an affiliate list you can send out a mass mailing to your marketing partners to announce new affiliate offers, promotion contests, new marketing tools and creatives, extra training or tips and more. Just don’t forget to send one-on-one / personal emails from time to time to your best partners to further grow the relationship.


Next up…

The Customer List

If a business owner only has one list, often it’s the customer list. That’s good because this is one of your biggest, most important business assets.

The easiest sale you can make is to an existing customer – So it makes good business sense to follow up with your customers regularly via email.  Rewards like private coupons, special deals, extra bonuses just for customers can all help increase the lifetime value of your customers and satisfaction levels with your products/services.

And if you sell software, memberships or subscription based services, extra tips, training or updates sent regularly (especially following the initial sale, but also just prior to your typical churn points) will encourage users to engage more with your products or content which ultimately leads to longer retention rates.

Next up…

The Prospect List

Here’s another popular type of list. Most marketers know to set up a lead page and capture their leads on a mailing list. But the big mistake that most make is ignoring the critical extra step of segmenting their prospect list.

See, here’s the thing…

You can increase your conversion rates by making offers and writing emails that directly appeal to different segments of your market.

Let me give you an example…

You set up two lead pages for small business owners that are focused on traffic generation. One lead magnet is for an SEO training report, while the other is for a Facebook advertising guide. Some of your market will take the SEO report, some will take the advertising report, and some will take advantage of both offers.

They key here is that you segment your list by which type of guide your new subscriber was interested in. With proper segmentation you can send out “how to” emails and relevant promotions for products and services that directly match your readers’ interests.

End result? A stronger relationship with your lists, higher open rates, fewer unsubscribes, and more sales.

The Bottom Line…

Yes!  The money truly is in the list, but a savvy list builder knows the key to bigger and better profits is to build multiple lists. At the very least, you should have a marketing partner list, prospect list and a customer list. You can then segment each of these lists for better conversions.

Now is a good time to start, so log into your email service provider account and start setting up your lists!


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Our Favorite New Resources:

1. Capturing Leads:

This New WordPress Plugin Will Blow Your Mind…  One of the best WordPress development teams I know of have just released a new plugin and if you use WordPress on your sites, you’ve gotta see this.  ThriveLeads

I’m really excited to tell you about this new plugin, because it is simply the best plugin I’ve ever seen, for building your mailing list.  Now, maybe you’re thinking “oh, just another opt-in plugin, then?

And you’re right that there are many other opt-in plugins out there, but this one is on a completely different level. There are many plugins that give you some options for adding opt-in forms to your site. But this new plugin takes a different approach: these guys have taken the best conversion optimization technologies and the most advanced list building strategies and crammed them all into a single plugin.


Check it out for yourself:  ThriveLeads

If you want to build your business faster and enjoy the amazing benefits that come from having a large mailing list, this is the plugin that will make it happen for you.


2. Segmenting Your Lists:

For this it has to be the incredible ConvertKit  With segmenting tools that are second to none you can choose exactly who should receive your broadcast emails through custom segmenting. Group subscribers from multiple forms and courses to all receive the same broadcast.

You can send to everyone who was interested in a particular product, while excluding everyone who has already purchased. This is perfect for sending out a new sales pitch or information about a discount.  And you can easily save any of these segments for future use. An example would be grouping all your subscribers who are interested in design into a single segment so you can easily contact them in the future.

Convert Kit

Check it out for yourself:  ConvertKit


3. Writing Better Emails:

Once you’ve captured your new subscribers and know how to segment your audience the final piece of the puzzle is to write and send attention getting emails that get clicks and sales.  You can spend time mastering the art of writing great email copy, subject lines and calls to action…  Or…

You Can Cheat!

Inbox Economics is the ultimate collection of swipes, tips, templates and email marketing strategies – There’s nothing else like it online.  You’ll even get dozens of templates to help you create compelling subject lines and emails based on over 10 years of success and Millions of Dollars in email marketing driven revenue.

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