3 Keys To Info-Publishing Success

Let’s get the truth out: Unless you’re writing the next Harry Potter book, one product probably won’t make you rich. Instead, you need to focus your efforts on creating multiple products (including some that you can sell at a premium price). Here are the three keys to making your fortune as an information publisher…

Facebook Marketing

Top 10 Reasons Facebook Marketing is Good for Business

Still not convinced that you need Facebook for marketing purposes? Think you have it handled with your website and online ads and whatever else you are doing for marketing purposes? You may want to reconsider.

Facebook Marketing

5 Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Facebook marketing seems easy enough. You simply create a Facebook business page, gather friends and the rest is history, right? Unfortunately, Facebook marketing is a lot more difficult than that, which you might know if you’ve ever tried your hand at it. To help you avoid the mistakes that most beginners make when using the platform and in order to maximize your success in as little time as possible, here are five of the top Facebook marketing mistakes you need to stay away from.