In the world of Internet marketing, building a list is absolutely essential. Most marketers don’t have the expertise or the time to set up a list management system on their own server. Instead, most use a list provider. A list provider (sometimes referred to as an E.S.P. ) will allow you to collect e-mail addresses from buyers and visitors to your websites.

List management is an essential part of any Internet marketing business. Capturing a person’s name and e-mail address when they visit your site allows you to send them helpful information, build your relationship with them and offer new products. It’s absolutely essential that your list provider be easy to use and have the capabilities to deliver professional messages.

Look for the following features to find the B.E.S.T. L.I.S.T.

Bad address protection

Your list system should remove bad e-mail addresses automatically so you don’t have to deal with them manually. Clearing out bad addresses from your list can save you a lot of time, reduce your costs and keep your open and click through data accurate.

Easy opt in creation

Your list can’t exist unless you have an opt in form on your website. The opt in forms should be easy to create within the list provider’s system. You should be able to feel secure in putting the opt in form on your website and trusting that it will work. , and (our three preferred providers) both offer great form building functionality.

Subscribe/unsubscribe system

Subscriptions and unsubscriptions from your list shouldn’t require any input on your part. Your list members should be added automatically and removed just as easily.

Tracking capabilities

E-mail marketing isn’t effective unless you can tell how your messages are being received. A robust list provider program will allow you test and track your messages. You can see how many are being opened by your list members and how many are clicking through on your links. This can be a great way to learn how to market more effectively so you can reach your audience.

List management

Your list provider should give you the ability to manage several different lists at once. You should be able to send a message to a few lists at once, filtering out people who are on a third list. You should also have the ability to send messages to people who subscribed after a certain date. All of these capabilities will help you market to your list more effectively.

Internet connection

You shouldn’t have to wait for your messages to go out due to a server outage on your list provider’s side. Your list provider should be professional enough to keep an active Internet connection to your list management tools at all times. The better the connection, the faster you can work with your list.

Security features

Your list provider should make it clear in their terms of service that your personal information and the information of your clients will be secure and protected from hackers. Since people are giving you their personal information, you deserve to know that the list provider will keep their information secure.

Technical support

If your list provider isn’t there to help you work through the technical issues to use their system, they aren’t worth your time. You’re using a list provider in order to make your life easier. You shouldn’t have to be hassled with technical details. Look for a provider that offers 24/7 phone and or Live IM/Chat support.

By looking for these features in your list provider, you can be sure that you’re finding a true ally in your business and not just creating another hassle.

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