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DEAL #1 
Blowout Blueprint Manual

If the idea of making money while others do most of the work appeals to you then you’re going to want to download this blueprint. Smart marketers are cleaning up with this powerful 'lazy launch' strategy – Now you can too!

  • Discover how to make a ton of money on front end / launch sales with amazing products you didn't create.
  • Revealed:  The 17 key points you need to consider in order to create a big, successful (and profitable) event!
  • You get the complete/proven marketing blueprint, plus bonuses guaranteed to get you up and running fast!

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DEAL #2. 
Bonuses That Convert Course

Need more sales, customers, subscribers and cash? Discover how to get more of everything you want! Discover everything you need to know to optimize your bonus strategy to get more of what you want in your business!

  • Discover 10 different ways to use bonuses to automatically get more orders for your business.
  • The real secrets to developing in-demand bonuses that browsers find irresistible (5 essential keys)
  • 4 Ways to create high-value bonuses in 30 minutes of your time - Any budget big or small (Really!)

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DEAL #3. 
Freemium Funds Coaching Program

Discover how to quickly make and properly monetize 12 of the most profitable and in demand types of Lead Magnet (freemiums /  free content) for rapid list growth and fully automated, hands-free revenue generation.

  • Discover how to quickly and easily make and monetize  12 different types of in-demand freemiums.
  • Learn exactly what to add and how to transform them into 24/7 automated 'sales machines'. 
  • Not only will you grow a big and responsive list, you’ll also make MORE money on the backend!

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DEAL #4. 
Inbox Economics Coaching Program

Discover the real secrets to getting subscribers to open your emails, read your content and then click on your sales & promotional links, in-depth training, plus+ lots of copy/paste templates you can use in your own emails.

  • Discover 9 surefire secrets for getting subscribers to open every single one of your emails – These tips work for everybody, no matter what you’re selling!
  • My #1 strategy for getting subscribers to click the “buy now” button immediately! (This strategy has netted me more than 7 figures over the years!)
  • Over 50 templates, swipes and proven subject lines to save time whenever you need to compose an email!

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DEAL #5. 
Partner Traffic Blueprint Course

Your in-depth guide to virtually unlimited traffic by finding, recruiting and motivating the best affiliates to promote you!  Includes step-by-step instructions, plus you’ll get dozens of examples, tips, mini-blueprints, templates and ideas.

  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up and maximize your partner program.
  • Discover the #1 secret to getting prospective partners to say “yes.” (This could make or break your entire affiliate program!)
  • Mass traffic strategies for launching or re-launching any product - Plus fill in the blank templates, copy/paste email swipes and MUCH more!

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DEAL #6. 
Small Reports Fortune Course

Revealed: The secrets of creating 7-15 page reports and converting them into products you can sell for $37, $97, $297 even $997! Discover the fastest way to create in-demand digital products your buyers will love…

  • 7 detailed modules that cover everything you need to know in order to create and sell your first small report within just one week.
  • 3 simple rules for choosing a red-hot "market" full of eager-beaver, hungry buyers who might buy not one or two, but dozens of your small reports!
  • 20 different ways your small report can be "positioned" differently than anyone else's competing product + 8 case study examples of how to effectively "nichefy" your small reports to get extra sales.

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