One of the keys to running a successful business is to get plenty of targeted traffic to your website. Using just one or two traffic methods usually won’t be enough. That’s why you’ll want to deploy multiple methods in order to grow your traffic over time.

Take a look at these ideas…

Use Email Marketing

Starting a list is a great way to capture traffic before they leave your site and forget about you. Be sure to offer an enticing lead magnet, and then use your autoresponder to build good relationships.

Start a Blog

A good blog brings people back to your site repeatedly. You can also use it to get traffic through search engine optimization as well as viral marketing.

Do Guest Blogging

If you pick high-quality, well-trafficked blogs, then guest blogging is a great way to get targeted traffic.

Get Active on Social Media

Develop a presence on the major platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter), grow your audiences there with viral content, and use hashtags to get discovered.

Start an Affiliate Program

Use, or a similar platform to offer commissions to those who send you paying customers. For best results, build relationships with the top marketers in your niche and then directly invite them to join your program.

Do Joint Ventures

Join forces with other marketers in your niche for mutual benefit, such as by swapping endorsement, swapping content, doing webinars together, or other similar activities.

Distribute Press Releases

Announce company news or talk about current events using press releases. You can distribute these releases directly to local media, as well as through services like

Optimize for the Search Engines

You can optimize the way your site is structured as well as the content itself to attract Google traffic. Be sure your site has high-quality content, is optimized for mobile users, and is accessible and user-friendly.

Buy Targeted Ads

You can buy as through platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook, as well as on niche sites. Be sure to start small, test and track your campaigns, and then scale up once you start getting good results.

Start a Referral Program

The idea here is to reward your existing customers for referring their friends. You can even do a two-way referral program, where both the existing customer and the referral get a reward (such as a free product or a steep discount on their next purchase).

Important:  While your overall goal is to develop a traffic strategy that includes multiple methods for getting traffic, the key is to deploy just ONE method at a time. Pick your method, learn about it, implement it, and then tweak it until you get results. Once you’re getting good results from one method, then you can start implementing a second method. Once you get good results from that, then you can implement a third method (and so on).

Here’s the second key: do something every day to grow your traffic. Small, consistent steps will yield big results!

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