I live by the motto, “work smarter, not harder.” And that’s why I’m always looking for ways to make the maximum profit with the least amount of work.

One of my absolute favorite ways to accomplish this is by repurposing my existing products. Now, there are plenty of ways to do this, and I generally choose the one that best fits my needs at the time.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • You can take an existing text product, such as an ebook, and turn it into a video.
  • You can take an ebook and use the different chapters as the basis for lessons in an eclass.
  • You can compile several reports to create an entirely new product.
  • You can take the transcripts from an audio interview and turn it into a report or ebook.
  • You can tweak an existing product to appeal to a slightly different niche.
For example, a basic housetraining book can become a book aimed at housetraining toy dogs or even a specific breed.

And so on – you get the idea. Basically, just use your existing products to quickly and easily create new products (and new revenue streams).

Now, what I didn’t mention above is a slick method I used to turn a few hours into a bunch of orders and a nice backend revenue stream. All I did was create a package out of 10 of my unreleased Reports, slap a ridiculously inexpensive price on it ($47 for the whole shebang)… and then watched the orders roll in.

But here’s where it gets interesting…


The Offer Page Was Put Together Quickly Using 1MinuteSites

Although the $47 price tag produces a nice income, the big profit center is hidden in the backend. That’s because each low cost report included is a real gem, no fluff just straight up proven profit boosting strategies. Once someone reads one and takes action they’ll be hooked because they’ll see the value and that leads to many more sales often for our higher priced, full blown courses.  A WIN:WIN

At this point it should be obvious to you that this is a great way to turn a few hours of your time into a major profit center.

So let me share with you a few notes and tips:

  • Keep it simple. You don’t need fancy graphics. The sales letter should be short and also simple. And yet these pages pull orders in all day long, simply because the offer is strong.
  • Create a valuable package. Even though you may charge what amounts to about a buck a product in your package, you should be no means include products that are only worth $1. Instead, add valuable, high-demand products to your package so you end up with a package worth several hundred dollars.
  • Build your backend. A good chunk of profits for this system relies on the recommendations you make inside each the products in the package. Be sure these offers are highly related.

Example: If you put together a blogging package, then a report on setting up a blog might include a pitch for a paid WordPress plugin.

  • Use other peoples’ products. This is another benefit of this system – if you don’t have 20 of your own products, you can purchase PLR content or even get others to create products for you for free.
  • Consider installing an affiliate program. Get others promoting it for you and reward them with big commissions. Let them take most of the frontend profit, because you get the REAL assets – the customer mailing list, and the steady stream of backend orders.

And Remember:  You don’t have to work particularly hard in order to pull in a flurry of orders and set up a reliable backend income stream – you just need to repurpose your existing products.  Simply pull together a package of about 10 products, attach a “no brainer” price to them, and then watch as your account lights up with orders and backend sales.

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