If you’ve ever run a sale where you impose deadlines or limits, then you know how well it works. Creating this sense or scarcity and urgency can really push prospects off the fence and towards the “buy now” button.

But there’s a big problem with always using deadlines and limits to increase sales: Namely, you could be hurting the longevity of your product and your long-term profits.

I’m sure you’ve seen some marketers constantly announcing sales limits and deadlines for their products. Seems like the product is just about always on sale.

You know why?

It’s because the marketer doesn’t know how to create that same excitement around his product if it’s not on sale. And thus he’s just hurting his profits by having his products constantly on sale. Worse yet, the product probably doesn’t sell at all when it’s listed at full price.

The good news is this doesn’t have to happen to you.

Read on to discover three slick ways to create excitement and boost sales… without imposing deadlines or limits.

#1: Explain the Reason Why

This is so powerful, but many marketers overlook it because it’s also so simple. If you want to increase sales, then give your prospects a good reason why they should buy right now.

One way to do this is by reminding them of the biggest benefits they’ll receive when they buy now. What you want to do is use an emotional reason, and make them imagine how they’ll feel when they use the product.

Example: “Buy now and you too could make heads turn and jaws drop with your stunning new beach body!”

Another way to do this is by reminding prospects that if they don’t act now, then they’re going to have to continue to suffer. Basically, you’re instilling a bit of fear by reminding them of their pain.

Example: “Nothing is going to change if you don’t order now. Tomorrow you’ll still hate what you see when you look in the mirror. Your favorite jeans will still be too tight. You’ll still be too embarrassed to take your shirt off at the beach. But you can change all that right now by clicking here to order…”

Now let’s look at the second method for boosting sales…

#2: Use Social Proof

There was a story in the Reader’s Digest some years back about how a military recruit and several of his friends would randomly line up in different places at bootcamp – in the mess hall when there was no meal being served, outside the doorway to a building, maybe next to a vehicle.

Inevitably, other recruits would join the line. Of course the line was a hoax – there was no reason to line up – but the prankster recruits always found it amusing to see how many others lined up without even questioning the purpose of the line.

This is social proof. When you get several people who’re all doing the same thing, then other people want to do it too. They’ll just fall in line (so to speak) without even asking why.

You can take his natural psychological compulsion and use it to increase sales. All you have to do is show some evidence that are people are buying and enjoying the product, and your prospects will get a strong urge to buy it too.


• Post testimonials on your website from satisfied customers.

• Publish a compelling case study on your blog.

• Display your customer number (e.g., “Over 2890 customers can’t be wrong!”)

• Show a scroll of current customers as they’re purchasing (e.g., “Mary from Ohio… Bill from New Mexico… Jackie from Quebec…”). Just be sure not to put any identifying information so as not to break customer confidentiality.

Now the last method…

#3: Remove the Risk

Sometimes your prospects are really close to ordering, but then they think: “What if this doesn’t work for me?” That’s where removing the risk comes in. In other words, you offer a guarantee so that your prospects feel confident ordering your product.

However, don’t offer the same old “get your money back in 30 days” guarantee. Do something unique. Word it in a different way to make people take notice. Create a strong guarantee.


• You don’t have to say “yes” today. All you have to do is say maybe.” That’s because this offer comes with a 90 day, no-questions-asked, no-quibbles, no-hopes-to-jump-through guarantee.

• I guarantee you’ll absolutely love this product… or it’s yours FREE!

• This product is backed by a “double your money back” guarantee! Just send me [some proof that you’ve tried the product and it didn’t work], and I’ll send you a full refund plus an extra [$X] for wasting your time!

Powerful, right?

Separately, each of these proven methods is incredibly powerful. But combine them, and you might just see an eyebrow-raising conversion rate. So give it a try today and see what these methods do for you![su_spacer]

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