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Whether you’re selling on platforms like Udemy, JVZoo, ClickBank or right from your own site, you’re about to discover how to sell more and make more money… without increasing your traffic!

E-learning is a billion dollar industry…  and it is still growing. People are buying online courses at an unprecedented level. It doesn’t matter if your course teaches how to setup a home business or setup a home gym, plan out a diet or plan out a budget vacation, retire in style or style hair, or any of a limitless number of topics, there is a market for your content.

That’s good. And that’s bad.

The good is obviously that there is a huge potential for profit.

The bad is you’re not the only one trying to get a piece of that profit.

While it’s true people are buying online courses at an unprecedented level, it’s also true that people are creating online courses as an unprecedented level.

Your piece of the profit is getting smaller and smaller every day.

This is happening right now!

It really doesn’t matter what your niche or specialty is, the number of competitors in your field is increasing. And that trend is going to continue. Your market is going to get more crowded.

And that is going to hurt your sales.

I’m not trying to discourage you or sound the doomsday bell without justified reasons. What I am trying to do is HELP you not only keep your piece of the profit, but grab an even bigger share than your competitors.

You Can Do One Of Two Things About The Increase In Your Competitors As Your Marketplace Gets More Crowded…

As you face the reality of the current and future state of your crowded and competitive market, you have a couple of options…

Option #1: You Can Lose.

It’s simple to do this. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Pretend like the numbers will rebound. Ignore the competition. Don’t worry about raising your game. I’m telling you the truth, though … if you continue with a “business as usual” approach to selling online courses, you’re going to get left behind.

Option #2: You Can Win

This is simple to do as well. Make some strategic changes to stand out among the competition. Do a handful of things that people in category one simply aren’t doing. And that alone will keep you relevant and at the forefront of your market. And if you’re not there yet, doing these things will help you get there.

What are those things that will help you sell more of your online courses?

There is the obvious such as “getting more targeted traffic to your website.” Of course that’s an option. But you’re wasting your advertising dollars if you haven’t put certain pieces into place, like a catchy title or a high-converting sales page. And once you do get those pieces into place, your sales will automatically increase.

Let’s talk about those pieces…

Here’s What Will Help You Sell More Of Your Online Courses…

Introducing “eCourse Profit Cheat Sheets: 7 Fast and Free Ways to Sell More Online Courses!” This collection of 7 cheat sheets will help you start shattering your sales records!

Now look, I know what you’re thinking:

“Cheat Sheets? Really, that’s the answer to my problems?”

Before you start having flashbacks to 8th grade history, let me explain what these cheat sheets are and why they are going to become a profitable tool to help you sell more online courses.

Cheat sheet Definition You Have In Mind:   A document listing questions for students to answer as a way of gauging their knowledge.

Cheat sheet Definition I Have In Mind:  A document that contains questions and content that assists in planning and accomplishing a specific outcome.

eCourse Profits Cheat Sheets

These cheat sheets aren’t tests of your knowledge. They are tools for getting things done. Specifically, the eCourse Profits set is designed to help you plan out and take action in 7 specific areas to help you sell more online courses.

Here’s a closer look…

Add Value Cheat Sheet

Module 1: The “Add Value” Cheat Sheet.

What does it mean to “add value” to your course?

This means you increase the perceived value of the course. This increases customer satisfaction (as customers know they’re getting a great deal). It also gives you the ability to raise your prices without losing any customers. This mini manual gives you a great overview of how to do it!

Titling Cheat Sheet

Module 2: The Titling Cheat Sheet.

Your prospects are going to make their buying decision in large measure based on the title of your course.

That’s why you need a high-impact, high-converting course title. And you can start your search for the perfect name by using this step-by-step guide, which walks you through the process of brainstorming and selecting a great title!

Positioning Cheat Sheet

Module 3: The Positioning Cheat Sheet.

One good way to boost conversions is to create a strong USP (unique selling position/proposition). This is a branding statement that tells prospects why your course is different from and better than similar offerings on the market. In other words, it gives your prospects a reason to buy your course instead of the competitors’ offerings.

Get started by doing your research and completing this.

Pricing Cheat Sheet

Module 4: The Pricing Cheat Sheet.

Picking the right price can impact your conversion rates in a very good way. That’s why you’ll want to walk through the steps in this essential manual to help you discover the best price for your course that produces the most profits for you!

Don't make the common mistake of believing you 'have to sell for less' to be competitive in your marketplace.

Expertise Cheat Sheet

Module 5: Establishing Expertise Cheat Sheet.

Establishing yourself as an expert helps you sell more.  And ideally, you’ll want to build your expertise in two ways:

On the sales page. This is where you build your credibility directly within the sales materials.

Off the sales page. This is where you build your credibility out in your niche outside of your sales page. That way, those who’ve seen your expertise elsewhere will arrive at your sales page as a warm, pre-sold lead.

Email Marketing Cheat Sheet

Module 6: The Email Marketing Cheat Sheet.

One really good way to boost your conversions is to get your prospects onto your mailing list.

This requires putting together a lead magnet, crafting a lead page and writing an initial autoresponder series.

People buy from those they know, like and trust.  And so, inside this essential, step-by-step manual you'll discover how to make sure you have all the pieces in place in your email sequences to establish this kind of relationship…

Persuasive Copy Cheat Sheet

Module 7: The Persuasive Copy Cheat Sheet.

You can have the best course in your niche and not make much money.

Why? Because your sales letter isn’t optimized and turning your browsers into buyers.

That’s why you’ll want to use this brainstorming cheat sheet to be sure you have all the parts of a good sales letter in place!

Included In Every Cheat Sheet Is A “Best Practices” Page Of The Top Insights Into The Strategy Covered…

eCourse Profits Cheat Sheets

In these 7 must read modules…

  • You’ll discover three surefire ways to add value to your course!
  • You’ll learn the four keys to creating a catchy title!
  • You’ll get a four-step process for developing a strong positioning statement!
  • You’ll find out a simple four-step strategy for picking the most profitable price for your course.
  • You’ll discover surprisingly simple ways to establish yourself as an expert and build your credibility both on and off your sales page!
  • You’ll get a proven three-step process for building a big list and closing more sales through that list!
  • You’ll learn the five crucial keys to crafting a high-converting sales letter!

This is all pretty exciting, right? And there's even more good news


Grab Your Cheat Sheets Today And Get TWO FREE Books Included...


Perception Profits Book

If there’s one word that’s overused in certain circles (especially in Internet marketing), it’s the word “ebook.” Everyone is giving them away or you’ll see ‘em dirt-cheap on $1 PLR websites.

The end result? The word “ebook” is too often associated with junk. It's essential you know how to properly 'package' digital content.

This course will show you how to quickly and easily 'repackage for perception' all your digital products, how to add instant value and get higher conversions, more authority & big profits!


Sales Triggers Book

To start getting more subscribers and sales, you need to know why your prospects behave the way they do, what they’re thinking, and how you can get them to act in a desired way.

And that’s exactly what you’re about to discover in this mini course, where we’ll look at ten psychological sales triggers you use these triggers in your sales letters, blog posts, newsletters and more.

You can use them to get more subscribers, get sales, get referrals… or whatever else you need to grow your business.

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