Revealed:  How To Transform Every PLR Purchase You’ll Ever Make Into Results Most People Will Only Ever Dream About...

“Most people who have bought PLR have done NOTHING with it to make money.  I'm going to show you how turn every license your buy into significant cash and take everything to its MAXIMUM PROFIT potential”

Simon Hodgkin​son

Originator/Front Runner behind The Private Label/Resell Rights Industry (since 2001)

I've Banked Over TEN MILLION DOLLARS With Private Label Rights, Resell Rights And Software Licensing Offers...

Now I'm Going To Reveal EXACTLY How I Did It...  

Here’s the truth of the matter:

  • Most people who have bought PLR have done NOTHING with it to make money.
  • Some people have used part of the content to make a little money.
  • Very few people have generated significant cash from PLR content.
  • Almost no one has used all of their content to its maximum profit potential.

Seriously, that’s a really good look at the PLR industry.  

I’m guessing 80% of those who buy PLR content fall into that first category.

(Probably around 15% fall into category two.  Maybe 4% are in category three)

But less than 1% of buyers are in that fourth category...  but keep reading because that's the journey you and I are about to embark upon and untold treasure awaits us...

Special Bonus Offer...


Exclusive Bonus Package Of Licensed Reports, Books & Products Available With The Profit From PLR Training Program...

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Profit From PLR - What's Included:


Premium Training Curriculum in PDF format. 

You'll receive a training manual teaching you how to take PLR content and put it to work producing orders. Packed with comprehensive, actionable content. Follow at your own pace.


Accessory Checklists and Worksheets.

Each module includes a custom-tailored accessory such as a checklist, or a worksheet … sometimes a combo of both. These add REAL value to you in terms of usefulness.


​​​​Extra Enhancement Supplemental Materials.

In each module you’ll receive a short supplement to aid you in completing the action steps. Sometimes these are brainstorming sessions, other times exclusive 'how-to' reports.

And there's LOT'S MORE keep reading for details...

Manual #1: Fire Up Your New PLR Traffic Machine!

Solve Your Traffic Problems For Good...  
(You'll never pay for ads/traffic again)

In the first manual, you'll discover how to take PLR Articles and turn them into a non stop promotional machine that advertises your business for you 24/7 and at absolutely zero cost.

You'll learn how to quickly rewrite cheap PLR articles and the 27 different ways you can set them in motion through dozens of different distribution channels for MASSIVE VOLUMES OF FREE TRAFFIC - Everything we do moving forward will build upon this self propelling foundation.

Manual #2: Leverage Private Label Like A Boss!

​​​​The Automated Money Funnel... 
(turn on, sit back and watch the cash flow in)

In the second manual, you'll discover how to setup an entire system that generates leads, converts those leads into paying customers and convinces those customers to make repeated purchases.

It's the ultimate guide to set up an autopilot system using PLR content to generate traffic, presell offers and get sales for products you promote. Your articles will promote a free mini-course which leads to a low-cost offer that promotes a membership site and a high-ticket offer … all of which is YOURS!

Manual #3: Asset Building For Long Term Profits...

From Zero To Six Figures -
The Ultimate Private Label Powered Growth Plans

The third manual, is all about DIVERSITY and it's where you'll learn dozens of ways to take PLR content and launch it out onto the Internet to generate constantly flowing cash streams.

You'll get my comprehensive 27 Ways To Profit From PLR, where you’ll discover techniques for taking the PLR content already on your computer and using it in hundreds of ways to “spread” your business and “multiply” your profits.  Using just a handful of these strategies is enough to create a six figure business!

Manual #4: Doing The Old PLR 'Switcheroo' 

A.K.A. Profits To The Freakin MAX!

In the fourth manual, I’ll reveal the “mother lode” of  Private Label Rights profit strategies…   

SELLING PLR to OTHER PEOPLE!  Discover how to set up your own PLR business and how to make money from PLR content from the vendor's side …  You get my complete system for creating content (outsource this if you like) and finding customers to buy the licenses from YOU...  

This exciting manual will show you where the real money in PLR really is (becoming a provider of PLR content instead of being just a buyer of it.)

Manual #5: Scheduled, Systematized Success...

Rinse & Repeat Profits FOR LIFE!

In the fifth and final manual, you'll get a “day by day” blueprint for using PLR content to earn income.

This 31-Day Guide To Profiting From PLR is a complete operations manual, packed with an action step to complete each day for an entire month. You can use this manual over and over again to continue growing your business with PLR materials long after you finish this course.

"Get The Smartest, Most Detailed and Fully Comprehensive Guide To PLR Profits Available On The Internet Today!"

​​​​Here's Just A Quick Overview Of What's Included...

  • Making PLR Articles Unique. A simple 7-step plan for rewriting private label articles/content to make them totally your own - No one will ever think your content is anything other than original.
  • Easy To Follow Examples. Dozens of PLR rewrite examples literally *showing* you a myriad of ways to tweak PLR content to make it truly yours.  These are fast and easy to do in just a few minutes.
  • More Bangs For Your Bucks. More than 2 dozen different ways to put those PLR articles to work for your business, bringing you traffic, subscribers and new sales.
  • Top Secret Promo Tactics. How even top gun marketers are using PLR content to get “other people” to market their businesses for them and how you can too.
  • The 'PLR Powered' Machine. A proven system which drives traffic to your site, builds your list, presells offers, gets subscribers to buy and produces repeat purchases like clockwork.
  • 'Long Term' Profit Business. How to assemble “bits and pieces” of PLR into an actual business that generates a sustainable income.  Less than 1% of private label license buyers do this.
  • Avoiding 'Penny/Peanut Profits'. The truth about where to score “big bucks” with PLR – (don’t be one of the people who sell low-cost stuff only).  This will really change how you think about licensed content.
  • 'PLR Powered' Profit Funnels. The perfect way to “graduate” people from casual readers to low-ticket customers to big-ticket purchasers for huge cash windfalls.
  • Easy, Click, Copy & Paste Way. Actual “fill in the blank” templates you can copy and customize to make your own licensed products including articles, emails, mini-course lessons and more.
  • Super Fast Cash Generators. 27 ways to use PLR to make money for you business – These simple yet highly effective strategies produce results almost overnight.
  • 'Zig' When The Crowd 'Zags'. Ideas for using PLR content that other people never think about but are right at their fingertips.  80% of profits from private label can come from these little known strategies.
  • Turn On, Tune Up, Profit Out. What to do to setup “evergreen” systems, which you “set and forget”, that generate results on autopilot.  It's the ultimate hands free income generator you can start today.
  • PLR Preselling Strategies.  My favorite “subtle” ways to use PLR to promote offers – these are super tricks to “warm” people up to your offers.  Works for ANYTHING that you sell or promote.
  • From ZERO To HERO Blueprint. Virtually everything you need to know about “profiting from PLR” from the inside out, from start to finish, from nothing to orders.  Including a day-by-day schedule of action steps to get you going and profiting from PLR content.
  • The 'Grass Is Greener' Here. How to set up your own highly profitable PLR business — become a SELLER of PLR content instead of just a buyer.  Learn how to get started fast and how to generate big profits!
  • Solve The Outsource Puzzle. How to find quality ghostwriters (and negotiate reasonable fees) so you can provide PLR content to others for huge profits.  Get this right and content creation is EASY!
  • Proven Pricing Strategies. Simple methods for determining what customers are willing to pay for BEFORE you ever have it created.  If you want every launch to be a winner dive into this right now!
  • Develop An Attentive Audience. The best ways to get customers for your PLR content so you can build your business fast.  Apply these tactics and you'll be making sales every single day.
  • Gold From Digital Dust Gatherers. Step-by-step instructions for taking PLR content that you’ve already purchased and turning it into actual paid orders.  There's potentially thousands of dollars in profits already sitting on your hard drive.  Discover how to turn it into a continuous stream of cash fast!
  • Six Figure Profit Checklists. A set of useful checklists: for rewriting content, finding and hiring ghostwriters, simple business tweaks you need to make, ideas for marketing your content, etc.
  • Proven Value Boosters. Simple things you can do to increase the perceived value of your PLR offers and get more sales automatically.  Easy and proven tactics to ramp up your conversions overnight.
  • Nichify Your Way To Millions. Ready made research … 101 niche topics that are proven to be “in-demand” for you to target with your PLR content.  Why do it yourself, it's all done for you right here.
  • The Engagement Master Tactic. How to tell stories, arouse curiosity and other “tricks of the trade” to connect with readers to keep them buying.  This can completely transform your business fortunes.

"This Is Your Opportunity To Make Every PLR Purchase You’ve Ever Made Worth More To You!"

It’s all about recouping your investment from all that PLR you’ve bought already or will buy in the future — and then actually MAKING MONEY from it.

This incredible program can help you feel good about every PLR purchase you’ve ever made (yep even those 'JUNKY' ones because I will show you how to polish them 'til they shine).  

The Profit From PLR course can justify every penny you’ve ever spent.  It can make all those purchases worth something to you because you can put that content to work making money for you starting today.

Seriously, think of all of the PLR articles, reports, ebooks, products, graphics, etc. that you’ve purchased which are probably just sitting there on your computer. Isn't it time to put all of that money spent to good use instead of just letting it continue to be of no value to you?

This is what you've been waiting for...  The ultimate PLR manual, the winning strategies, proven tactics and the blueprints that will allow you to turn what you’ve already spent money on into something that finally makes money for you...

Bonus High-Quality Package of PLR!

* PLR licensing to 475 Pages of Rock-Solid Content *

I also want to give a special bonus, for when you complete this program. Get Profit From PLR before the countdown hits zero and I’ll include secret download link to a “high ticket” premium private label package that literally sells for more than you'll invest in the course today.  

It’s kinda like buying this PLR course and getting the entire course for free, and then some!

The package includes my own:
  Articles - Mini-Courses - Sellable Report - Products

  • check
    10 x High Quality PLR Articles (Awesome How To Content)
  • check
    2 x 5-Part Mini Courses (List Building & Residual Income)
  • check
    5 x Short Sellable Business Reports (each 15-30 pages)
  • check
    10 x Lead Magnet Type Reports (each 15-30 pages)
  • check
    1 x Full Product (31 Day Guide to Growing Your List, 70+ Pages)

If you purchased these licenses individually they would cost $200 (and that would be just for “personal use” only!)  With this valuable bonus, you’ll receive exclusive private label rights to all of the materials!  I want so stress this: this isn’t some “inflated” value bonus that many marketers like to throw in to raise the “perceived value”.

This is a PLR offer that really would cost you over $500 to purchase individually!

Here's Your Complete Breakdown Of What's Included In "Profit From PLR"

  •  Profit From PLR Manual #1 - Content Marketing with PLR + Process Map - (Value $47)
  • Profit From PLR Manual #2 - Creating Your Money Funnel + Process Map - (Value $47)
  • Profit From PLR Manual #3 - 27 Ways To Use PLR To Profit + Process Map - (Value $47)
  • Profit From PLR Manual #4 - Start Your Own PLR Business! + Process Map - (Value $47)
  • Profit From PLR Manual #5 - 31-Day Guide to PLR Profits + Process Map - (Value $47)
  • Bonus Report #1 - Hyper Engagement PLR Rewrite Strategies - (Value $10)
  • Bonus Report #2 - 10 Surefire Value Perception Boosters - (Value $10)
  • Bonus Report #3 - Giving PLR Your Own Unique Voice - (Value $10)
  • Bonus Report #4 - 150 Hot PLR Niche Markets For Big Profits - (Value $10)
  • Bonus Report #5 - Creating A Persuasive Author’s Resource Box - (Value $10)
  • Checklist #1 - How To Connect With Your Readers - (Value $20)
  • Checklist #2 - How To Find & Hire A Ghostwriter - (Value $20)
  • Checklist #3 - How To Find & Buy Quality PLR - (Value $20)
  • Checklist #4 - How To Market Your PLR Content - (Value $20)
  • Checklist #5 - How To ReWrite PLR Articles Fast - (Value $20)

Purchased Individually These Components Would Cost $235

Factor In Your PLR Bonus Bundle And We're Over $700 Value

I'm not a mind reader, but I can probably guess what you're thinking right now.

How much does the course cost?

Am I right? Probably so. It's all about the cost, right?  I heard someone tell me recently

"The only reason something doesn't sell is the cost. People will buy ANYTHING if the price is right".

So, that's where we're at. You want to get this program because it's perfect for you. It's exactly what you need to help you with all the stuff you've got stockpiled. You're ready to get started, but it all comes down to that question: what does it cost?

Let me ask you this:  how much have you already spent?

Seriously, think of all of the PLR articles, reports, ebooks, products, graphics, etc. you've purchased which are just sitting there on your computer...

...  What would it be worth to you to put all of that money spent to good use instead of just letting it continue to be of no value to you? What would it be worth to you to get training that will allow you to turn what you've already spent money on into something that MAKES MONEY FOR YOU?

If you're satisfied with the amount of money you've made from the PLR you've purchased already then this is the best way to make even more...  But if you're not, then cost really is irrelevant right.

It's all about recouping your investment from all that PLR you've bought
-- and then actually making money from it.

If you look around you'll find that other similar courses sell for $397-$497. I'm not just making that figure up, it's a fact. High level training from top level Internet Marketers is pricey, especially if the training comes from someone who pretty much started the whole PLR/Reseller industry.

With millions of dollars made through licensing and almost 20 years 'in the trenches' experience I could charge that kind of fee or five times more...  But that would limit the number of people who can afford it. And I honestly don't want to do that. I know that there are tens of thousands of people who have purchased PLR content and I want ALL of them to ultimately go through this course.

So, normally what I do with my courses is this: I knock $100-$200 off the "fair market value" of the course and charge something like $297.

I feel very comfortable with that price point and have no doubt it would be a popular seller.

But, I'm going to temporarily reduce it to something so insanely simple that no one can refuse...

SAVE BIG!  Hit The Order Button Right Now To Get Your Extra $100 Discount!..

You get it all: The 5 training manuals in PDF format (over 200 pages of meaty content), the accessory checklists & worksheets, supplements and all of your PLR license bonuses!

Take action, click on the order link below. On completing your secure order, you’ll immediately be taken to the download area for the course along with your bonuses!

Why Wait? Get started right now

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